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Yet another scam found because the criminal idiot registered here to try to post garbage about us causing trouble for scammers!

The username is mathiasluv$$$, registered with email address piermobilestore@ymail.com, from IP Address:
address: Ayazmadere Cad. Aksit Plaza No:12
address: Kat:2 34349 Fulya Besiktas
address: Istanbul Turkey

Typical of this scammer's spamming posts is the following, extracted from a cache on another forum:

Offer:Save 10% Buy Original Apple Iphone 3G PIER MOBILE STORE,are suppliers and distributors that offer access to Electronic buyer,Our product are at affordable prices. There product are 1st factory condition with 1 years International warranty in brand new original box with complete accessories. The deliver within 48hours to your doorstep. we ship world wide,added to this new marketing strategies,we sell locally and international. The operate a 100% return policy guarantee, Our aim and objective is to make our
customers a happy buyer. We allow 10% on the purchase of minimum order of 20units,
We sell in Unit and also sell in Bulk.
We have in stock
Nokia N & E series, Plasma TV,Laptops,LCD Sets,Digital Cameras, O2 Mobile Phones,
DJ Mixer,3G mobile phone, Nitendo Wii, Games,Game Cube ,Game Boy ,Nintendo
64,PlayStation 1,PlayStation 2, PS3, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, Samsumg, Motorola, Apple
Iphone, Apple Ipod Itouch and more in different colour and in GB...
Do contact us via email for more details!!!
[noparse]www.piermobilestore.do.am[/noparse] PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THIS SITE - it is being tested for malware.
YAHOO CHAT ID:piermobilestore@ymail.com
GMAIL CHAT: piermobilestore@gmail.com
Skype id: piermobilestore
Yes, the spam really is that badly written, repetative and un-grammatical.

So, mathiasluv$$$, you get the message? You register here and your scam gets exposed and you become famous as an internet criminal.

Once again, you are warned THIS IS A SCAM. You will be asked to pay by MoneyGram or Western Union and YOU WILL BE ROBBED.

This is a total fake dreamt up by a criminal with the object of stealing your money. No phones or other electronics will ever be delivered.
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Garreg Ddu

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Anything new on this website?
Still waiting for the McAfee analysis.

AVG Link Scanner reports several threats from the "do.am" top level domain and its sub-domains, including "WebAttacker Exploit Kit" which is used by malware sites to download trojans, and links to exploit sites. The known infected sub-domains are: pretty-tits.do.am rockmon.do.am rp-grandos.do.am bolan.do.am

Anubis Analysis (Anubis: Analyzing Unknown Binaries) makes interesting reading:
Analysis Report for http://www.piermobilestore.do.am/

Changes security settings of Internet Explorer: This system alteration could seriously affect safety surfing the World Wide Web.
Performs File Modification and Destruction: The executable modifies and destructs files which are not temporary.
Performs Registry Activities: The executable reads and modifies registry values. It may also create and monitor registry keys.
I think we should stay away from this site.

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You would have to be a total moron to register on an "anti fraust" site knowing you are a criminal, and ask that you be left alone. Thank God the majority of scammers are idiots :)


More info on mathiasluv$$$....I can`t vouch for the reliability of the infomation...like I said mathiasluv$$$...you are now "on the radar" :D


NIGERIAN SCAMMER STUDYING IN Girne American University, Kyrenia, North Cyprus

Kyrenia, North Cyprus: At least 200 people in the city have been conned of nearly $60Thousand USD since early last year by a Nigerian Named MATHIAS SAMUEL AKAAZUA who entered the country on student visas, but never once stepped into a classroom. Although the so-called “student†enrolled in top college †Girne American Universityâ€, He is more often spotted cruising in flashy cars and frequenting nightspots.
The Nigerian MATHIAS SAMUEL AKAAZUA is believed to be conman who plied his shady trade overseas before dumping his ill-gotten gains in local banks and “settling down†here.However, once here, he continued his activities by duping Cypriot/ Turkish of their life savings, using bank accounts of locals to cheat their victims, who are mostly single successful women, either divorced or widowed.
Among the most common scams are tricking Cypriot/ Turkish into paying for non-existent gifts, Electronics and consumer goods, buying coloured water as “vaccines†to keep cattle healthy and disease-free, and “black money†cases.
Scam Operated by this one man gang †MATHIAS SAMUEL AKAAZUA †topped the list of commercial crime cases in the city, reeling in the largest amount of ill-gotten money.the list of commercial crime cases in the city, reeling in the largest amount of ill-gotten money.
“The numbers are rising. Between January last year and June, locals in the city alone were cheated of nearly $60Thousand USD, and the figure could be higher because some victims are still unaware that they are being conned. “The scams are committed throughout the country but the exchange of money usually takes place in the city,†over 100 women and 80 men were conned since early last year.
Checks showed that †MATHIAS SAMUEL AKAAZUA †had committed similar scams in other countries before coming to NORTH CYPRUS. “After the syndicate was busted, he entered North Cyprus via Turkey by using Student Visa apparently given by the school applied for,â€.
Many of the women conned would freely give up their money after being swept off their feet by †MATHIAS SAMUEL AKAAZUA †who lured them with sweet talk and promises.
“The conman target single women in their 30s and 40s. The victims include doctors and university lecturers,†We are urging higher learning institutions and relevant agencies to scrutinise carefully the applications of foreign students.
MATHIAS SAMUEL AKAAZUA is an unusually fat and ugly specimen of Nigerian scammer, the kind that pretends to run companies selling non-existant consumer electronics.

A modest example of his work can be found here : by a google search of this Emails ; piermobilestore@ymail.com, vicgamestore@gmail.com, buryphoneshop@yahoo.com…. e.t.c.
Here is a Link to his Facebook account profile : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001089146609


Here is another link of victim complaining on alibaba website. follow link>>


Here are List of PROOF OF PAYMENT via WESTERN UNION TRANSFER of his Victim who he has recently scam.

Name : Mathias Samuel
Surname : Akaazua
Fathers name : Samuel Akaazua
Other Name known: Terver
Mothers Name : Linda Kyegn
A.K.A : Mathy Rock
Address: No 52 Anyor hila road Gboko Benue state
LGA : Vandeikya LGA
Date of Birth: 6/6/1984
Place of birth: Gboko Benue state
Blood type: O+
Height: 1.76m
Weight: 75kg
Nationality: Nigerian
Complexion: Black
Occupation: Student/ Scammer
Current Location: Kyrenia, North Cyprus
University: Girne American University
Programme: Management Information System
Year Admitted : 2007
Grad Year: 2011

Address: Sait Terzioglu Sok. Ozkal apt No6, via Mersin 10 Turkey.TRNC
City: Kyrenia
Code: 99999
State: North Cyprus
Country: Cyprus
Tel: +905338455148


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Mathias Samuel Akaazua is a confirm Scammer. here is his Netlog profile

Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002087272479

See details of people he has scammed. Most of his victim complained at that blog and some even left their phone numbers for confirmation that he actually took money from them.

From the Blog, his latest victim was from Ukraine who Lost 15,000usd

please read the blog below

Garreg Ddu

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question to jjohns24:

why do you publish these links?

<mobility> <mobile network security>
Hi Wonderwoman,

it tried to publish them as a signature because it is a forum spammer, which has as much value on this planet as a blow-fly maggot.

It has been dealt with :madgrin: and its spam and the sites it was trying to promote have all been destroyed.

When maggots come here to spam, we remove all their home pages, signatures and any posts with spam links, then deal with the maggot infested mess that is their web-sites.
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Dick H Box

Stop insulting blow-flies!

As an ecologist, I must protest at the equating of scammers to maggots!

Blow-fly maggots perform a very important task of waste-disposal & recycling:

1/. Without them, the countryside would be littered with slowly rotting animal carcasses.
2/. They are a rich food-source for other creatures.

Spammers are neither.

To equate spammers with such a vital, albeit messy & smelly, part of a balanced ecology is insulting to maggots everywhere!
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