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From: Piper Mitchell <lrtydbbh@rugaroux.com>
Subject: technician can not solve this / cNeSAt f jwgKboPX D LrbHOhcgJIyeydT FSdkTzghthLJ
Return-Path: <punkrock@cp14.machighway.com>
Received: from common.ash.relay.mailchannels.net (common.ash.relay.mailchannels.net. [])
Reply-To: lrtydbbh@rugaroux.com
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2018

I am experiencing difficulties with my grammar, Im from Romania. Your system was controlled by the virus.

After that all your private info mine. Furthermore I received slightly more compromising.

The most interesting compromising which I thieftend- its a record with your masturbation.

You set my virus from a phishing porn web site. As soon as you tapped on a porn videotape, my virus at once set up on your OS.

After loading, your camera shoot the videotape with you masturbating, moreover malware saved the video you selected. In next week my malicious software found all your contacts.

If you dont want me to forward all this evidence with all your contacts I have collected- transfer me 305 united state dollar in BTC(cryptocurrency).

Here is my Bitcoin address - 1KsAtbezWoMjKvRsCXcWH8pJh93PrGRdKt You have 20 hours to go from this moment. If I get transfer I will eliminate the compromising permanently. Otherwise I will send the tape to all your colleagues and friends.