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From: Karl Brian <germanshepherdbreederhome@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2020 21:42:11 +0100
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Apollo is still available and ready for a new home. Attached here are more pictures of him

We are presently celebrating our 25th anniversary of breeding German Shepherds so my wife and I decided to give out our puppies at a 40% discount price of $540 especially for the fact that we are expecting a new liter any time soon and with our work schedule, we may lack time to take care for all the babies at once.
He is up to date on shots and comes with AKC application.

All our babies are Hips, Eyes, Ears and Heart certified. They are 100% domesticated and potty trained. They will come with a 2 years genetic health guarantee against any illness/disease and a health certificate of travel that is required for a puppy to be able to fly.

We are private breeders located in Pittsburgh, PA, USA and we breed only purebred German Shepherd

We will be glad if you can come to our home and pick up your puppy in person.
All home pickup are on schedule after paying a deposit of $300.
Nevertheless, guaranteed Air Shipping and home delivery is also available for distant buyers at an extra cost of $200 or free shipping if we still have free shipping coupons available.

Before we go any further, I will like to ask you a few questions in order to know the kind of home my babies will be getting into:

1) Have you owned a German Shepherd or any pet before?
2) where do you live; is it an apartment, condo, villa etc? In what city do you live?
3) What will be your reaction in case the puppy destroys something worth $300?

Just trying to make sure our puppy is going to a good and loving home.


Barbara Wilson

Had a german shepherd grow up with our three small daughters years ago. Never got another because in my mind we had the only perfect one. Over the years we have had numerous dogs, mostly large ones. Now we only have a Maltese rescue who has destroyed numerous hearing aids of my husbands, well over your $300 item, but she is still with us. She has cost many times more than we paid for her, but we love her. Now looking for that second perfect GS. We live in a small quiet neighborhood in a single family home with fenced back yard in Daphne Alabama. We are originally from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. .
If you find a breeder, Please think twice before using Zelle,CashApp,Applepay,ect Paypal Friends and family as they don't provide you with protections. Direct bank transfer is safer. Most online breeders are fake. Consider using a local breeder.