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Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2020 08:50:29 +0100
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I appreciate the answers to my questions. This tells me you are really a pet lover and I will be pleased to place one of our babies in your care as all I want for them are caring and loving homes. They will be the perfect and loving puppies that will shower your home with much joy and happiness. We are located In Baltimore,MD and the total cost for the puppy is $850 Including shipping fee. These puppies will come with the following

-Health Certificate.
-1 year health guarantee
-Playing toys
-Sample Foodstuffs for the first few days
-A Puppy kit starter.
-And a hand guide that will help you on basics of taking good care of the puppy

As concern the shipping it will take 5-6 hours on a direct flight with our pet delivery partners. I will need your full shipping and delivery information which I will use in registering them for the delivery.

Your full names................
Full home address.............
City/Suburbs ...................
Postal/zip code...............
Contact numbers...............
Nearest airport to your location..........

Once I have this information I will then check if there is a direct flight from here to your location then I will let you know how to make the payment for the puppies so that I'll be able to book a flight for them so that they can be placed in your home as soon as possible. Once I receive your complete shipping information, I will send you my payment information for you to make the payment. Once payment is confirmed, It will take maximum 2-3 hrs to have the shipment process completed and I will get back to you with the tracking number for you to know the departure and arrival time of your puppies during which you will be required to be at home to sign and collect your them.
Thanks and waiting.