Precious Omokhudu, Nigerian

Lone Wolf

Precious asks his oga for help:

"Wetin dey ma oga abeg stop dese frum telling about me it una chop ma dolla OOOOOOOOOO a word to the wise one luv ma oga "
So the impression that scammers like precious Omokhudu are all good pals and brothers in fraud is wrong and they regularly shop each other to try to get off themselves.

So all this about them being a part of the same confraternity and being all for one and one for all is total bulldust.

It shows what they are really like when they happily throw Precious to the wolves to save themselves.

I do wonder how precious feels about his close buddies stabbing him in the back like this.

No wonder he would like to catch some of the bastards as he puts it.


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What these guys do with the money they get from victims: