Prince Kenneth L. Bolkiah, Brunei

Hua Mulan

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Subject: CAN I TRUST YOU ???
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2007
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I got your contact through the information received from my father's attorney who has been of great assistance to my immediate family since our departure from Brunei. I am prince KENNETH L BOLKIAH , Son of prince Jeffri Bolkiah former finance minister of Brunei the tiny oil rich sultanate on the gulf Island of Borneo.

I would save your time by not amplifying my royal family history which has already been disseminated by the International media during the controversial dispute that erupted between my father and his step brother the sultan of brunei sheik Hassanal Bolkiah. As you may wish to know, the sultan had accused my father of financial mis-management and impropriety of US $2.8 billion which was as a result of the Asian financial crisis that made the government owned Amedeo Development Corporation (ADC) and Brunei investment Company to be declared bankrupt.

Furthermore my father was indeed kept under house-arrest, and later developed heart problems while in detention but has been restricted from travelling outside the province for proper medical care also his private bank accounts and several properties have been confiscated by the sultanate thus completely obliterating his distinguished position in the country's history. However during this gory period,I was advised to evacuate my immediate family outside the province to avoid further intimidations from the sultan and his network of security operatives; so we went ahead to dispatch under special arrangement the sum of US$50,000,000 into the safe custody of a private security and trust Company to enable my family survive life abroad. Hence I seek your good assistance to invest these US$50,000,000 into profitable ventures due to reliable inadications that your country has a viable economic growth.

Nevertheless after subsequent deliberations, my mother and I have decided to offer 20% to you as compensations for your anticipated cooperation while 10% have been mapped out to cover local/international expenses that might be incurred during the course of transaction. Please kindly note that my family has been humiliated and jeopardized by this unfortunate incident, but will count on your utmost considerations towards the actualization of this investments abroad.

Meanwhile, you can as well navigate through these web pages to find more information and more proof to back my proposition to you and to make you understand the reasons why I want to work with you as I do not need more publicity than I have already had.

Finally I look forward to your prompt response indicating you willingness to work with my family by forwarding your full contact details along with a copy of your international passport to enable me forward same to our family lawyer who will facilitate the immediate release of funds into your country.

For security reasons, Please contact me via my secured email address: <>

I remain, yours sincerely