Princess Benita Okerenoko, South Sudan


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Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2018
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I am Princess Benita Okerenoko from South Sudan ; I was instructed to search for any reliable Person international who will assist us in receiving this Fund(USD$20,320,000.00) and Invest it over there.
The money was kept in Gold House Finance branch and we have no confident over it again since all the institutions in the world are reviewing/returning back to my country all the properties and treasures lodged outside the country by important personnel.

Meanwhile, we have no means of traveling out of the country because all our Traveling documents and access has been seized by the new government due to the allegation leveled against my father that resulted to his death. If you are willing to help us to receive this money (US$ 20,320,000.00), we are ready to offer you 20% of the total money.

Honestly,consider the help hitch free because you will not travel to any country to get the treasure release, rather the Gold House Finance will deliver the treasure to your home address.

Please contact my cousin for security reason with this Email:

Princess Benita