Prof. Sakarim AKA Prof Karim

De Master Yoda

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http://sakarim .co .za/ = sa Karim.

Prof. Sakarim AKA Prof Karim well known scammer.

Here is where he even gets himself confused ON HIS OWN WEBSITE! as he has so many fake names he uses.

Do you truly want this person back at all costs? call Maama Aziz
Hey scammer boy I thought you said your name was Prof Sakarim? now you call your self Maama Aziz.

PROF ?? Professor of WHAT? where are your credentials for you to use that honorable title.
You also call yourself Cheif,, Doctor, Prince, Sir, Sangoma, Sheik and King. ALL fake, as your real title should be SCAMMER Wahid Karim.

You have also ADMITTED to scamming. You are just a low life parasite on this planet and a scamming scumbag.