Protecting yourself from Bitcoin and Forex scams

Bitcoin and Forex scam websites are arriving like mushrooms on a warm damp summer meadow, and they also vanish taking your money with them. Before you spend your money seeking a fast growth, and an easy way to a fortune, do not become deluded but control your excitement.
It is relatively easy to discover the truth behind these internet sites. Should you have some form of email promoting a site be sure you are a step away from getting scammed, and even if it is a friend or relative, you can almost be sure they are already a victim of this scam. Take it from me that there is no such thing as free money, and the knowledge behind being successful traders in the real sites that exist must be extensive. For you as "Joe Public", you do not have those skills and knowledge.
The graphic below shows you what to do to get at the truth behind a website offering you a fast buck and luckily, it is actually fairly easy if a little time consuming. Better to take the time rather than lose money fast.
And of course you can always ask