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Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2020
Subject: Hello Good Friend
From: repaulavis@gmail.com

Hello Good Friend

It is a good News to share with you , Hope you never forget me after all the process we went through in the past. I am very happy to inform you about my success in getting the transaction done with my new financier Japan. I'm presently now in Japan with my family and the new partner who help me out with his bank account, but I did not forget your effort and commitment, so I have issued a Certified check worth of $3,320,000.00 US Dollars, and kept in care of my office secretary , because I'm currently in Japan with my family trying to establish some business here and possibly buy some properties. So contact my secretary on his below data His name is Mr. Tarak Barkawi Email: barkawitarak1@gmail.com

Also send him your following information for confirmation and release the Certified check to you
1) Your Full Name/Address:________________
2) Country/City/Postal Code:____________
3) Your Telephone/Mobile Number:_____________
4) Your Marital Status/ Age/ Sex:______________
5) Your Occupation/Position In The Company:______________
6) A Copy Your Passport/ Drivers Licenses:____________

I instructed him to release the Certified check as soon as you contact him and also keep me posted to know when you receive it from him. Am happy and thank GOD for his great miracle to my life and I want you to celebrate with me.

Thanks and God bless

Truly Yours,
Mr Rahman Paul Davis