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@Nancy welcome to AFI. To be able to assist you with your question we really need a bit more information for us to check on.

The scammers use many fake names and for us to check on them it helps if we have an email address and a copy of the scam email etc. Otherwise it is like me asking you if you know a Bill smith in America.
The odds of getting the right one are very slim.

However, I have found a Ray Johnson Steve. And a check amount for $950.
If you have received this check please do NOT try to cash it, as in certain parts of the USA it is a crime to be in POSSESSION of a fraudulent instrument and can carry a prison term up to fifteen years.

If you have this cheque then please report it to your local police or bank manager. It is a smart move to protect yourself.

If the photos that are associated with your post elsewhere are the ones you have received then YES they have been used by many scammers.

If you need help in private you can contact any of our mods or admins in confidence via the private message system. (conversations)

Please take great care with this Ray Johnson Steve. Thank you.

ray johnson

i have many different documents,fake check and fake document in his name

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@ ray johnson It would be advisable for you to take the documents, any emails and the fake check to your local law enforcers.

Please could you post this scammers email address?