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Good Day

We are getting back to you regarding request on a HotJobs We have seen that you meet our criteria for vacancy of Packages handler. Payment rate: will be paid monthly of $2,550 and after test period is $3,250 per month.
This is a home based half-day \ Full time work. We also give a brilliant and wide-ranging package of benefits including a 401(k) plan, stock purchase pack, etc. Key duties will be: anytime access to a online Control Panel with duties during the day, getting and shipment of the parcels with prepaid labels, cooperation with a supervisor.


- Must be detailed oriented, well organized, be able to write and read English;
- You must have PC skills; be proficient in MS Office;
- Minimum understanding of document circulation.

If you think you are ready to take the first step and start the employment process, please send us your phone number and you'll be reached by our HR manager as soon as possible

Thank you for the attention.
If you still have any questions you can give us your cell number and we also will reach you.