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Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2020
From: Customer Center <>
Subject: We are writing this letter to you from LinkedIn USA.

Greetings to you!

We are writing this letter to you from LinkedIn USA.

All the entire LinkedIn Board wish to inform you that we have agreed to make a cash donation of $500,000 Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars to the less privileged and disabled in your country. The donation will be made in order to help the poor people in your country, the homeless, Orphanages and schools to benefit from the Corporate Social Responsibilities of the company. Your E-mail Address was selected through our LinkedIn website system. We want you to distribute 60% of the money to Orphanages, schools, generals’ Hospitals and the homeless in your city. For your kindness on this charitable work, we are offering you 40% of the total money for any business of your choice. After receiving the money make sure that you follow our instructions carefully.

However, I know this message may come to you as a surprise, please consider this with all seriousness as I solicit your assistance in the most polite manner. Please kindly note that you are not the only beneficiary in this year's CSR program, and your country is not the only country that is benefiting from this donation, as other beneficiaries have been chosen from several countries. The idea of this donation is that the company, want to contribute its quota towards building future entrepreneurs and eradicating poverty in several countries of the world, 10 years from now. There will be notable increase in wealth and employment created by those entrepreneurs and beneficiaries around the world; this is a yearly program which falls within the Corporate Social Responsibilities of the company to give back to the society.

Your E-mail Address was approved by Mr. Jeff Weiner, the C.E.O of LinkedIn (Founder & App Chief Executive Officer) and you were selected alongside other 20 lucky International recipients of the donation from the entire LinkedIn Team. You are required to expeditiously contact the Payment Department via this E-mail: {} for your qualification documents and processes of receiving the money.

Full Name:
E-mail Id :
Telephone Number:
Identity Proof ID:

You are by all means advised to keep this whole information confidential until you have collected your donation, this is to avoid double and Unqualified claims, due to Beneficiaries informing Third parties on cash grant donation. On behalf of the Board, kindly accept our warmest Congratulation

Mr. Reid Hoffman
Foreign Service Manager
Address:525 wMonroe St #200, Chicago, IL 60661,USA
V9J5+3R Chicago, Illinois, United States