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Date: Thu, 14 May 2020
From: Ms Renate Settnik <>
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Subject: My dear Friend and Beloved,

My dear Friend and Beloved,

With warm hearts, i write this mail to you. I am Ms Renate Settnik, a German Citizen,but living in London, United Kingdom.I am a Widow. I am 67 years old,without any child.

I am a devoted Christian. I am a philantropist and a caregiver. I inherited the sum of $25 million dollars from my late husband who was a gold dealer before he was killed during the Jihadists attack in a restaurant that happened in Burkina Faso, West Africa in August 2017.

Due to his death, that resulted me to too much stress and tension, thereby causing me to contract Paralysis. What worries me is that i am down with FULL-BODY PARALYSIS. I cannot walk, nor stand. I have been bedridden for two years now.

Since i know that i have very limited time to stay on earth before i die according to my Doctors, i have been helping and contributing some amounts of money to Orphanage Homes and to Charity Organisations, as well as Foundations.

With the help of the Bishop of the Catholic church where i worship and my lawyers, I have given donations to over 6 Charity Organisations and Foundations, in Africa,Asia, South America, North America, Oceania, etc.

From findings, your Charity Foundation was listed among the remaining to be given donations.

I will be giving you the sum of $800,000.00 dollars to support and boost your Charity Organisation. Please endeavour to use it for the less privileged children, and for Orphanage homes,Widows and Charity Foundations, and the purpose for which it will be sent to you.

I can only access my email, with the help of my secretary or the Church Bishop.

The only things i need from you is your complete details and bank account numbers of your Organization. The only fee you will spend is to get the LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION to your name as a Beneficiary, from the High Court of Burkina Faso. It cost just $180.00 USD. All other expenses regarding the execution of the fund to you had been settled.

Take note: If you will not use it for a Charity Organization or If you are not a caregiver, please clearly indicate, so as to not incur the Wrath from God.

As soon as I recieve your reply I shall give you the contact of my lawyers where you will send him your bank datas and other requirements he may need from you .I want you and the church to always pray for me.

Reply to my private email address (

Thanks for your cooperation.

Best regards,
Ms Renate Settnik.


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From: Renate Settnik <>
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