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From: Rev papa tony
Date: Thu, 3 May 2018
Subject: Your partner left a cheque for you

My dear beloved Son, peace be upon you.

I was instructed to forward the cheque to you as compensation for your assistance. She is currently in Netherlands with his new partner. Before she left with her partner, she told me about you that you are the first person she contacted over to help her for the transfer her money in to your account in your great country but she say that she did not know what happen along the line you can not make it, she dropped a cheque of 160,000.00 pounds for you.

The certified cheque are written in your name as beneficiary and only you are authorized to cash it. You can cash the money in any international bank in your country. Therefore, the best thing to do is to post the cheque to you through courier company DHL so that you will cash the cheque over there in your country. I will go to the courier service company DHL in Senegal to know the cost of posting the cheque to you then i will let you know after inquiring, I would like you to send all this your information to me so that i will know were to post the cheque to you in your country.

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Rev. Father Papa Tony
Senegal, Dakar


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@ Yashpal, please do not just quote someone else's post. It does not add anything new to the discussion.

Walfrido Ramón Avalo Cruz

Buenas noches Rev. Papá Tony es un inmenso plcer escribirle y desearle que las bendiciones del Altísimo desciendan sobre su vida de una forma sobrenatural. Le escribo via correo electronico porque es más privado. Después le enviaré mis datos personales.. un abrazo y feliz noche.


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@ Rana, please do not post personal information here. This is a SCAM. There is no money for you.