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Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2018
From: "Rev. Fr James Martins" <>
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Subject: PLEASE, GO AND PICK UP YOUR MONEY , MTCN : 730-751-7703.

Welcome to western union Benin Republic.
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Attn Beneficiary

Thanks for your immediate response and still want to assure you that everything is still in order and already transferred fund to you to your destination .

With regards to our most efforts to get your fund transferred to you through our western union district here,we have made several efforts but we were having difficulties due to the fact that you have not completed the obligations requested so that we can start sending your fund as promised $2500.00 per day as instructed by Barr Cecelia Williams until your $2,700.000.00 is transferred from our office.

At this moment,we have gotten an approval from the director of this branch office that we are to start transferring your funds today being Monday August 6th, 2018,, we have done that already and when you receive the first bit of the payment of the $2500,00 we will send another transfer of $2500 and the rest of your fund will also be sent to you accordingly as programmed.

We received your message in regards of the $2500 you supposed to have picked by now but just some moments ago,we were informed by the management that you will not pick this money yet, because it is now on hold, reason is this ,you are to send charges of $80 for your Affidavit of Claim and seal of authorization as informed that you have not done that,then we will take permission order of releasing immediately your fund from Federal Ministry of Aviation because order is from above as we are bind by law not to deduct the charges of $80 from your fund to avoid stealing from it as Barr Williams submitted your payment file as a bounded account ,every process of your payment was well signed and stamped now.

To this effect,we have sent you the first portion of the $2500 and below again are the information on how to pick it up as sent before the fund was put on hold :

Sender Name : Samuel Chukwuma
Sender country...:Benin Republic

This is your MTCN : 730-751-7703.Sender Name :Samuel Chukwuma, it is on hold because of Affidavit of Claim charges of $80 only. track your money tracking control number [mtcn 730-751-7703)] so you understand what I mean.

MTCN (730-751-7703)
Try to send the charges of $80.00 as soon as possible for the said affidavit of claim ,send the $80.00 through western union money gram only today waiting for the payment information immediately so that your could be released as programmed for your pick up.

2.COUNTRY:.......... Republic of Benin.
3.CITY :.................. Cotonou.
6.AMOUNT:..................$80 USD

Get back to us with the below information,
your senders name and address-----------
MTCN (usually 10 or 8 digit figure)----------------
Amount-------------------------$80.00 US D.
You have to carry on the above directed instructions and then get back to us immediately so that you can receive your money today with 100% assurance.

Your Prompt response to this matter will be useful for the collection of your funds.N/B Present this message confidential to avoid anyone from tampering with the payment codes above .

Thanks for using our best service,

Yours in service
Rev. Fr James Martins