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I had an enquiry/ message referral from YELL ( we have a listing with web link ) asking me to email product details, prices, credit cards we take etc to a REV Gary Lehman with a email address. It all seemed a little vague and suspicious and I therefore sent an email requesting details on the T-Shirts required. Several email exchanges have taken place since where I have tried to avoid obvious pitfalls but the Rev Gary still wants to buy 1000 T-shirts. I am detailing below the email trail so far. I believe this is a SCAM but obviously do not want to lose business if its not. Can anyone tell me where they hope to score on this. Note:- we do not take credit cards or cheques all payments have to be made through PayPal.


Please contact Mr gary lehman by email at regarding: General enquiry
Message reads:

Hello Sir/Madam
Your best regards to your company my name is Rev.gary and need to purchase T shirts from you to a orphanage home and need to know the types,models the availability and the prices you have in stock on sales ok...I will also want to know the type of credit cards you accept ok...I will be counting to hear from you soon..Thanks and take care.

Kind regards,

This communication has been sent to you by a third party using's email-business tool.


Dear Rev Gary

I have been passed your enquiry regarding T-Shirts by Yell.

In order that we quote you for the correct items could you please advise on the following.

1.) Do you require adult or childrens T-Shirts or both. If both are they to match in colour etc.
2.) Are the T-Shirts to be decorated and if so in what way.
3.) Is your priority cost or quality. ( We do not supply cheap/low quality products ).
4.) An indication of the quantity required.




Hello Peter.

thanks for your reply and i want to purchase a Blank White T Shirts.with Short Sleeves. and an adult size XXL and want to purchase 1000 pieces of them and want you to get back to me with the total amount for that so that we can go from there.hope to hear from you soon..

Mr Gary.


Dear Rev

The price of this Fruit of the Loom T-Shirt ( click link below to view ) in
White size XXL for 1000 pieces will be £2.00 each plus carriage at cost.
Please advise delivery location in order that I may give you an accurate
costing for carriage.
Advance payment would be required at the point of order.



Hello Peter.
It is me Mr Gary and Thank you for the reply and co-operation,I am ordering this order for a pastor in Togo W.Africa and would like to know what the cost would be for shipping it from your facility to the pastors home in Togo through SeaCargo .Below is the Pastor's address which is the delivery address as well as Sea Cargo Freight Company contact details for you to check on the freight cost.

Delivery Address
Rev John Atkinson
6610 Queens Ave

Contact email to SeaCargo International is
E Mail: or
Name: Mr Shaha M Issah

Check on the delivery cost and get back to me with the new total plus freight and g.s.t..I would forward my credit card information for you to secure payment in full,Then u can contact SeaCargo Shipping Company to arrange shipment.Let me know if you require further detail.Stay Blessed
Mr Gary Lehman


Dear Rev Gary

Unfortunately we are only able to deliver to UK mainland addresses, any shipping arrangements overseas will need to be organised and paid for directly by yourself. As a gesture of goodwill however we will deliver the 1000 T-Shirts to your required address in the UK mainland for FREE.

Please allow up to 14 days from full payment for delivery.




ok thats fine and can u get back to me with the total amount for the 1000 pieces now so that i can give you my credit cards information for you to run them through for the charges after that i will send UPS or FEDEX to come over and pick them up for me .hope to hear from you soon..

Mr Gary.


My next response would be too restate the total cost and give him an email address to pay too at PayPal. So where's the catch?

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What it looks like is that you are most likely going to end up with a fake check. He's going to send you a check for the price of the shirts and it's going to be for more than the actual price of the shirts. Then you deposit it, send the balance to him (by Western Union) and voila! The check is going to bounce and come back to you and you will be out the cash, plus you will not have sold your shirts.

De Master Yoda

scam indicated

@bespeckle, As Gentle Giant has said the indications of a scam are there!

A similar scam is shown here.

In March, another ARA member was contacted by a man posing as Rev. John Atkinson from Baltimore, MD. He wanted to purchase 1,000 bobbleheads for the Orphanage of God and have them shipped to Ghana.

As well as a forged or stolen cheque the scammer could also present you with a forged or stolen credit card!
I am a businessman myself and I get similar requests for my products.
I would expect any company to pay me by using a bank! IE a telegraphic transfer etc. If this guy was genuine why does he not pay by using a bank?
More than likely because then he could be traced by his bank account and no scammer would want this!
Gentle Giant has had a lot of experience in these matters and is giving you good advice.