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Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2018

Dearest in the Lord,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus, May the Holy Spirit of God be with you and your family. Please do not be upset with this message, it may not be addressed directly in your name but I strongly believe the Holy Spirit will touch you to read and comprehend it. If you receive it as Junk or spam please move to the inbox, it could be internet error or my low knowledge of modern technology.

My name is Rev. Lawrence R. Larson from Florida, I am a Clergy Man, I have worked for 20 years in Assembles of God Church here in Florida, I am now 87 Years old and have been hospitalized since October 10th 2017, I was told recently that I may not be able to make it next few weeks, I have been under Medical Auspice since then, I had Cancer of the Long and it has affected my breathing which I found it very difficult to breathe except with the help of Oxygen, I am writing to you now from my sick bed and I want you to take note of the following which is going to disclose to you.

I have a total sum of US$1, 000 000.00 in my reserve account which was purported to be used for Charity nut, unfortunately, I was hospitalized and the plan to carry out this project has been put pending since then, I am the only one who can authorize the release of the fund to anyone who stands as my next of Kin, my wife Mrs. Ruth Naomi Larson passed away two years ago, I had no child, I have been catering for the orphans for 20 years I started Clergy work with the Assembles of God Church.

My banker would not hesitate to proceed with the release of this fund to you once I signed the release in your name. After my prayers this morning, God revealed this email to me, I was touched because I do not know you or have any information about you, but I was shown this email contact, being a clergy Man, I can't disobey God, I have to quickly disclose this information to you through the help of my private nurse, I may not be able to write to you always due to my condition here but please I need your trust and commitment that you will utilize this fund if my Bank release it to you, I want you to estabilish Charity home with it with 60% of the fund while the remaining 40% will be yours, but before this will be done, you have to convince me that you will do as I said and your word will be your bond.

I need you to fill the information below for my proper documentation and to enable me to make contact with my bank immediately.

Your full name,
Home address
Date of Birth
Telephone number
Private email address
Next of Kin
Marital status

As soon as I received the complete information above from you, I shall email you my ID (Drivers License, Passport, and my Clergyman ID), I will also proceed to obtain the fund ownership certificate in your name through the US HIGH COURT, please if you are really touched by this message and you will be able to execute this project,Please don't reply to the email that sent you my message, otherwise I wouldn't get any message from you..Just forward me your personal details on my private email here ( ) immediately. I am waiting for your reply to my private email.

Please remember me in your daily prayers.

God Bless you abundantly!
Your Brother in Christ
Rev. Lawrence R. Larson

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Just forward me your personal details on myprivate email here ( ) immediately.