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Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2018
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Subject: Attention Dear Beneficiary

Attention Dear Beneficiary

Good day first of all let me introduce my self to you. My Name is Rev Sister Rose Anyagbuo,The new elected Manager of Western Union Office Benin Republic! I am writing this mail with deep sorrow, I saw your name on our file list as one of the most beneficiary which did not receive their fund valued which suppose to be transferring at the rate of $4,500 per day during Mr.Larry, Godwin, David, susan, regime. I saw your name on our file and find out that they are using that medium to extort money out from you which is not normal.

So your are quickly inform to send this western union office $50 as soon as you receive this email today. The reason i am emailing you today is to inform you that Mr.Larry, Godwin, David and Susan has been sacked out since due to their illegal work, I am here to inform you that the only thing that will lead you to receive your fund is by trusting me and follow my direction and make sure you send us $50 to enable us get the Transfer Number Code (KTU/ 191MG) from International Monetary Fund and it is the only problem. You paid much amount of money to the previous workders in order to get your fund which fails. Here i am telling you that the reason you did not receive your fund is because Mr.Larry, Godwin, David and Susan did not lead you to the direct way to get your fund, bear it in mind that due to the Mr.Larry, Godwin, David and susan attitude our Federal Government has signed that your fund will not release to this Western Union until you get the Transfer Number Code (KTU/ 191MG) So i want you to know that your fund of $950.000.00 is still with the Federal Government account but it will be release immediately to this Western Union Office as soon as possible you send the $50 for Transfer Code (KTU/191MG) I will be awaiting to hear from you immediately and tell me when you will be able to get the needed $50.

l am giving you guarantee and also 100% assurance that this is the only money you will pay and after you pay it you will start receiving your fund immediately. Send the money through western Union Money Transfer:

1.Receiver Name:: VINCENT OBI
2.City/Country: Cotonou-Benin Republic
3.Question:::: Time.
Answer:::::: Date.
5.Amount::::: $50.

We look forward to your urgent positive response. Thanks so much for your respectful cooperation and understanding SEND THE PAYMENT INFORMATION OF THIS $50 SUCH AS THE MTCN: Furthermore, the total amount to be transfer to

you from this office is $950.000.00 Usd as instructed by Mr JONA AKIM from the Ministry of Finance Cotonou-Benin Republic.

Rev Sister Rose Anyagbuo
Western union department Benin Republic
Email. (
Phone Number +229 9818 9281