Rev William Hudson, World Peace Conference


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From Rev William Hudson
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Received: from, Ghana, Ghana Telecom
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2015
From: Rev William Hudson <>
Subject: Invitation to the 2015 World Peace Conference in USA and Ghana.

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Dear Brother/Sister,

May God bless you.We are called to be one in Christ. It is our duty to encourage one another in other to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the four corners of the Earth. Your contact address reached to us from the Charismatic and Pentecostal Organization during our request to invite some groups from outside United States to the forth Coming Conference.We wish to invite your Organization to the forth coming World Peace Conference here in United States and Africa. The theme of the Conference is to teach the youths the need to avoid TERRORISM,VIOLENCE AND GANGSTER LIFE which is increasing everyday all over the World. The forth coming World Peace Conference is dedicated to all our beloved Brothers and Sisters who lost their precious lives during September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks here in United States and in so many other Countries.

It is our duty to come together to eradicate Terrorism, Gangster Life and Violence among the Youths for the future Generation.Six Persons are expected to represent your Organization during the Conference. Your Participation will help you to educate many People in your Country after the Conference. The Conference is scheduled to take place here in United States at Oklahoma Municipal Hall between 18th of February to 21st of February 2015 and Ghana Conference will take place between 25th of February to 28th of February 2015.


Christians,Hindus etc,Nursing and Doctors Associations, University Students,Education Officers, Companies, Governmental and non-Governmental Institutions,Peace Organisation,Police,Military,Security Institutions, Professionals and Research Facilities,Engineers and Legal Practitioners,Modern and Traditional Health Practitioners and Associations,Financial Institutions,Students and Associations around the world are invited. All your traveling Documents will be processed here in United States through U.S.Department of State before your visit to the U.S. Embassy in your Country,where all the Participants will get their Visas each. Both Men and Women are free to participate in the Conferences. Individuals who do not belong to any organization but are interested to participate can form a group of 6 Persons and forward their names and passport numbers to the organizing committee. You will get more information as soon as we recieve your response indicating your interest to participate in the conference, you may send your Aims and Objectives.Visit the conference website for more detailed information.

For enquiries call (914) 236 5411 or E-mail

Thanks and be blessed.

Rev William Hudson