Reverend Mrs Cynthia Dong Lape, car purchase


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Date: Sat, 3 May 2008
From: Cynthia Lape <>
Subject: Payment Information Needed For The Car .......
Hello Seller,
My name is Reverend Mrs Cynthia Dong Lape I came across the advert that you are willing to sell your Car,i will like to know if the Motorcycle is still available for sale then you let me know some details about it's present condition and the price for selling the Car.Thank you.
Rev. Mrs. Cynthia.....

Mail #2

Thank you very much for the details in full about the condition of the Car as well as the picture of the car But first and fore most i want you to know that i am highly in need of the car very badly and i will be delighted if you can consider it sold to me and also i want you to ignore others that might have interest in buying it and i will want commence on the preparation of the changing of the title(Changing The Name of ownership).I live in Uk and the Car is coming down to my home in Uk at the same time but i won't be able to come for the check up provided it is in great shape and condition,i will really appreciate it.

Therefore,i am ok with the price which is €7,000 and I will be glad to pay you by check issued from the united state Bank.Do not worry about the shipment,i will arrange for the shipment with a shipping company i already know and they will take care of the shipment fine because they are effective,trust worthy and efficiency since they have been helping me to ship goods in the past 9years.Most important,i need your Full Name and Address in which the check for the payment will be made out and sent to,Below are the details needed for payment:

Your Full Name: That will be on the check for the payment
Residential Address:
Zip code:
Phone Number: ( Cell,home and office phone #)

Those information are needed so that the payment can be made out and as well sent as soon as possible and i will contact the shipping company for the pickup of the Car upon the receive of the check.I will await your reply in this regards.Extend my regards and greetings to your family and have a wonderful weekend.
Rev. Mrs. Cynthia Dong Lape


curious scam

Ive received an almost identical email from this person who was interested inbuying my vehicle. I smelt a rat and then found her on this website. can someone explain to me though how the scam works.

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What probably would happen is that you would negotiate a price, say $10,000. Then she or he is going to offer to pay with a check for $15,000. She or he will ask you to use the $10,000 to pay for the car and sent the balance back to her or him ($5,000) probably using Western Union. The check will turn out to be a fake, you will be out $5,000, your car won't be sold and you may be in trouble with your bank not to mention local law enforcement wondering why you are passing fake checks.


Thanks for your reply. I´ve had another email from someone who was offering to deposit the money for car in my bank account. I can´t find his name on any scam website but Im convinced its a scam. Wants to buy the car without even seeing fotos. He sent a scan of his passport, which I belive to be false as I was able to copy and paste which to my knowledge is not possible to copy and paste a scan.
<can you let me know what type of scan this could be. and where and how I can report this.


Thanks for your email. Ive received another email from a Augustin como from the costa marfil (west africa) who wants to buy the car and has offered to deposit the money into my bank account. Does this scam work in a similar way as the cheque scam?
He also sent me a scan of his passport which I think is false as I was able to copy and paste the details which to my knowledge it is not possible to copy and paste a scan.
Can you also let me know how and where I can report this.


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if they want to deposit money into your bank account that would mean giving your bank information to a complete stranger. That is not a good idea.

We always like scans of fake passports. We have a place for them. As to reporting it, this is about the best you can do. You might read a little more here.


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Down at the bottom of the page it says "Contact us". Click that and it will get emailed to us. be sure to attach it :)