Reverend Pastor Harry Floore


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Benin, Cotonou, Etisalat Benin
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Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2018
Subject: I am very happy to notice that you are not dead

I just want to make this information brief to your understanding and it will be a great opportunity and successful transactional value if you can read the content of this email carefully and follow all the due process contained in it.

I want to inform you that all the requested charges and arrangement about your due inheritance has been settled by this office the Government regulatory body as i was elected a new General manager,so everything looks new as i picked up your file for immediate delivery,but i later find out that you are unable to pay up the service charge giving to you.

So we held a general meeting to settle all the fee for you,the only Remaining document that could not paid for is the TTC which is the (Transfer Telex Copy) and PDS which is the (Permanent Document Secure) ,it cannot be authorized to be handled by any one because that is what will stand as a proof of ownership to your fund,and it must bear an authorization stamp from the Government regulatory body Desk.

Listen my dear I am telling you this clearly so that you should not make any mistake of thinking that you should receive any fund from this country to your own country without passing through this important body/office,any one who tells you that you should pay him or her any money to receive any fund from Benin Republic is deceiving you because this office controls both The court of jurisdiction, federal ministry of finance and internal revenue service,if you did not believe me then you should continue sending monies without a positive outcome.

Be fully informed that the TTC which is the (Transfer Telex Copy) and PDS which is the (Permanent Document Secure) will also cost you a $76 and nothing more,if you can send it now,then the endorsement of your file will commence immediately. You are to send it by purchasing an itune gift card,scratch it and send the picture of it including the receipt of purchase and i will get everything done immediately,then if you are not within the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA i will give you an information on where to send the $76.

This opportunity is approved as a result of Quarterly Annual cross checking Bonus to help you since you cannot afford to pay a service charge giving to you earlier.

Try to take an urgent step to send it today so that we could settle everything and move your fund directly to you on or before the end of this season. This may not be available after the end of this season and you may not have the opportunity to receive your inheritance with this little money if you did not hurry up to the above instruction.

With Best Regards from,
Reverend Pastor. Harry Floore
Operation manager
You can still speak directly to me through this telephone number +1 (202) 981-7832