Richard Maxwell Howell


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Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2018

Hello My name is Richard Maxwell, Howell, Male. 57. I found your email and thought to write you blindly. I am looking for a woman to share friendship and companionship with and if you will find interest with me please write back I would love to tell you about myself and would love to know you.Write to me Warm regards Mr. Richard Maxwell


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Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2018
Subject: Re: Hello

Thanks for your response to my email , I am glad you were able to write back , I know you might be surprise how i came to be your friend and on this i will say am sorry for violating your privacy. I was searching for an old friend of mine when I came across your email and decided to try my luck ,it is a pleasure meeting you and am happy we becoming friends and getting to know each other more.

To tell you little about me ,am playful and prone to laughter,inspire people through humor,romance or anything that can ignite the person within the makes me happy and it might make you smile too . I need to give as well as receive affection ,I was born 20th November,1961 with light brown hair /blue eye and 5 feet 9 inches tall/body average.i am Caucasian (white),don't smoke,drink Occasionally and Christian (catholic)

I have a 18 years old son (Joshua) My wife (Ellatyra ) passed away 3 years ago,last week Monday made it 25 years since we met. .I am a Bulgarian and i was born and raised in Sofia,Bulgaria, I moved to the state to sit for my Engineering Orientation Programme and and since i have stayed here, i got a permanent residence and i consider America my home,now am a citizen.

My friends say i do have the accent but i hope you will like it .. I hope you won't find it a turn off heheh.I am into Engineering Orientation schemes ,we organize engineering programme and seminar on engineering work and management because i am a construction engineer i am self independent ,you will get to know me better,construction engineers are problem solvers,they help create infrastructure that best meets the unique demands of its environment.

Looking for someone to go out and have fun with, build a good solid relationship and share in the good times as well as the bad, To the woman faith will lead me to, she must be herself, what you see is what you get, beauty inside matters to me very much than the outside,bbw,slim,average doesn't matter nor age ,distance shouldn't be a problem,nothing breaks us apart, ready to stand against any obstacles

She should be ready to have adventures traveling on vacations, i will give her the space if she needs it..will spoil her with attention,love,be by her side,take a walk along the beach and the park, have lovely times together,those times wouldn't end for a short time, it continues and make sure she is happy all the time, am not violent,never being and will..let's be friends first am not in a rush for anything ,am attaching a photo of myself to this email and i will appreciate to hear from you possibly with a photo of yourself.

Hoping to hear again from you.