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Slovak Program

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I have pasted our most popular program below, the Slovak program is popular due to the country being part of Europe once you join the program and are processed and gain Slovak citizenship you can live and work anywhere in Europe, and travel to the US visa free for a 90 day period, this is the most cost effective program we have available.

You may also view other country programs we offer at the following URL: click on the detail link to view details of each program.

Slovakia citizenship program

Generally to become a citizen of Slovakia you have to first become resident, however using our company; allow us to put forward to the state; that you will be a "great benefit to the Slovak Republic"

This is the cheapest EU citizenship program available at a cost of 9900 Euros for the main applicant is therefore more than affordable to the average applicant/s.

30% security payment is required before we take on your case.

Processing time is 3 months.

Adult dependents costs are 2000 Euros for over 18 years.
Children dependents costs are 700 Euros.

Dependent costs must be paid in full, before processing begins.

Being part of the EU it allows visa-free travel to the US & Canada and as part of the European state the right to live and work in any European country.

Please forward a CV today to see if you meet the criteria, our consultants are on hand to review and respond with free legal advice.

Citizenship by naturalization

A person may be naturalized as a Slovak citizen based on:
8 years residence in the Slovak Republic as a permanent resident ability to speak the Slovak language, good character of the individual in some circumstances, proof of having lost or renounced any other citizenship may be required.

Exceptions to the residence requirements can be made in the case of:

persons married to a Slovak citizen (after 5 years of marriage); and cases where a "great benefit to the Slovak Republic" is at stake; certain former citizens of Czechoslovakia in some circumstances, proof of having lost or renounced any other citizenship may be required

Children aged less than 18 years may be naturalized at the same time as a parent; however consent of both parents is normally required.

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Richard Morgan
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