Richard Thomas, UK



My parents have received a scam email also citing 205 Bond Street W1S 2SL from for renting an apartment in Germany:

Thanks for your timely phone number is +447459514618 We got your mail and after proper evaluation with our sponsor, the date and the price is ok for us our group has decided to use the apartment in your place. these are the names of the guest.

1)Richard Thomas
2)Sarah Nelson

Now a certified bank cheque of 5760 Euros from our sponsor will be forwarded to you immediately to cover the cost of your services, Also a pre-arrangement has been made with a logistics agent who will take care of our flight tickets, car rental services and other logistics services which i believe you may not provide in your place, so we have engaged the services of a logistics company.

Once you receive the certified bank cheque, deposit the cheque in your bank account to get the clearance for the cash, after which you deduct the cost of your services including Airport pick up if available including the cost of our breakfast (as a single cheque has been drafted by our sponsor to cover all these expenses) and forward the balance to the logistics company. I will provide you with their contact details as soon as we conclude with them. Hope this is understood?.

All the bank charges will be deducted from the cheque. Kindly provide the following details, for the certified cheque to be made out in your prefered name and forwarded to you immediately;

* Your full name (as to be written on cheque)
* Your full address (for easy cheque delivery)
* Valid telephone number (for easy communication)
* Fax number (if you have any )

Our team will highly appreciate your prompt reply, while we look forward for a memorable stay in your place
Thanks in anticipation.
Sincerely yours,

Richard Thomas
205 Bond Street,
W1S 2SL London,

Kelly Hanke

I just received a scam from this same address:
Richard Thomas
205 Bond Street
W1S 2SL London England

Saying he and his colleagues are coming to my area November 30 for a 2 week vacation and they want to rend a limosine. I am not a limo service.

Ira Worden

I have received the same scam email as noted by Kelly Hanke. I am choosing not to reply. The "to" address line is blank, indicating they've sent the same email to a large number of "blind" recipients.