Richardo Desouza, Blitta Gold Mining, Togo


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Subject: RE : 50Kg gold dust available at BLITTA GOLD MINING LTD
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2008

Dear sir,

I use this medium to let you know that i am the representive of BLITTA GOLD MINING of Togo. Presently, we have with 50kg of Gold dust which was deposited in a security and finance firm here in Togo West Africa and we want to export it outside the country and we are looking for a serious and interested person so that we can deal directly with him. If you are interested, do contact us immediately.

I am willing to send you the proof documents for your study if you wish.

Thanks for your understanding, while we anticipate to receive your response

For more information about our corporation go to :

Yours faithfully,

Richardo Desouza
Sales Manager
254 Avenue de la Kara
07 BP 24568
Tйl : 00228 925 50 00
Fax : 00228 320 56 67
Email : []
Lome - Rйp. Togolaise