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Rick, 54

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Londres, Royaume-Uni, United Kingdom

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A propos de moi
I would describe myself as an energetic, fun-loving, outgoing and friendly individual. I have a good sense of humor (I laugh at anything), I'm sensitive yet strong, affectionate, warm-hearted and "young at heart". I strive to understand other people's points of view and it's important for me to take time to 'smell the roses'. l am a shy person by nature but tries to be outgoing. I take great pleasure in knowing someone. I strive to be a good friend and companion and to be respectful of all opinions different from my own. I view myself as well adjusted. I love the ocean, swimming, travel, theater, movies, museums, literature, adventure and long walks. I do enjoy quiet times and occasional solitude. Full of life, humorous, intelligent and romantic.
I am affectionate both physically and emotionally. I enjoy a good joke. I am able to express myself in unique ways. I am a hard working person in search for love and respect.
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I would like to meet a woman who is loving, caring, honest, faithful, passionate, someone with integrity, love, affection, beautiful, and with such a charming personality.. someone that i can trust and call my love, am a hardworking man, enjoying live as much as i can. Interested in the whole inspiration of what live can bring us, picking out the best of it. I am an honest heart and easy going that's looking for a stable relationship. I understand it is important to lay down lasting foundations for a lasting relationship. I have a great job as a IDC Egineering, I miss having a best friend to go to church/worship with, a friend to hang out with. A lover for those long nights. A dance partner. Someone to chat over coffee and the newspaper with (I would rather have a long philosophical talk with one interesting person than a roomful of chatters) So while I wait. I look for humor in everyday life, my funny-bone is connected to my heart and other vital organs I am serious when I need to be,

Informations personnelles
Statut sentimental : Je suis célibataire
Sexualité : Je suis hétéro
Apparence : 185 cm (6' 1''), musclée, Cheveux blancs.
Résidence : Seul
Enfants : J'en ai déjÃ
Tabac : Non-fumeur
Alcool : A l'occasion
Scolarité : Lycée / Université
Langues : Anglais
Emploi : petroleum geologist Engineer and also a drilling c. J'ai un salaire élevé.

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Hallo, hi and how are you doing, just read your "message"! Would be nice to hear from you again, so till soon!
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