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Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2020
From: Robert Ballok <>
Subject: Hello my dear

Hello my dear friend Allow me to share this great experience with youThere is a legal company platform everyone is making profit now on internet. This company has lasted for more than 8 years now but now they are globally everywhere This channel is for investment platform where you invest your money and get pay back after a couple of days with your percentage (profit) they are real company and legit from government authority and trusted in the world trade union What company do with your invested money ???The company will use your invested money to run their day by day business. Company runs mining coins and trade on forex and also give loans to some manufacturing companies that return profit everyday. Gain hash also invest in estates and building to make a lot of profit. and after days making profits they will pay you the money you invested with percentages which is benefit depending on the plan you invest on .We also have life time (long time ) investment which even your grand children can be earning the profit even if you are no more to earn the profit( you can be earning every week for all 35 years. We also have sub life investment which you can earn like one year or 6 months Earning profit every week for one year and we also have days and week investment which you will get paid and if you can reinvest or not it's your choice How do I start investing?You have to download wallet address and create one for your self by downloading blockchain or coinbase etc and sign up for account and from there you can get a wallet address Secondly you have to buy coins to your wallet before investing them in gain hash Once you own wallet you will see option to buy coin or use coinmama or any website you can buy coin in your country to your wallet then from your wallet you can invest in gain hash How do I invest to gain hash ? You have to sign up first in gain hash then login your profile and click on deposit and chose plan the gain hash will show you plans then chose any plan and enter amount and it will show you wallet address available then copy the wallet and make a deposit by transferring bitcoin from your wallet to the company wallet How do I get payback?After a couple of days On the plan you chose depending on the days of plan you can request for withdrawal from gain hash and the money will go direct to your bitcoin wallet Thank you for trusting gain hash Click here to register now