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My name is Robert Hoyt, General Counsel, beneficiary and next of kin locator with TSB private Bank London, also a Genealogists and International Probate Researcher, it’s my job to seek out beneficiaries of a will of a diseased TSB private Bank customer who died leaving a will and also the next of kin of a person who died without a will in other for them to receive and manage the estate of their relatives.

In our policy we don't normally communicate with beneficiaries through this way but we have a case that is peculiar as we have a diseased person who died over ten years ago in an auto crash without leaving a will Two years after his death I was assigned to trace his relative because his record in the government showed that he did not have any family here in UK and after years of investigation I have come to accept that there is no relative of his here in the country and the English law on inheritance stipulates that if beneficiary of an estate is not found to claim the Inheritance ,his family relative no matter the distance should come forward to claim the Inheritance.

But if this fails then the money should be sent to the government treasury.

This is why am reaching out to you because in my search for his next of kin/beneficiary of his estate your name came as a possible beneficiary because he shares the same last name with you and also had a distant family linage from your country, because I have worked on this for so many years and spent many hours I will not want it to end in failure where the fund will be sent to the government treasury.

So I want to give you a chance to come forward and claim the fund and I will have a report submitted stating that you are a distant family relative and therefor a beneficiary of the fund, all the information as discovered by me during the investigation to enable a successful completion of the claim and the transfer of the fund.

So if you are willing and interested to claim this estate / fund as there is no risk and the claim can be completed within 7 working days, you can send your response through the email below and I will commence further communication with you and all the information and documents will be forwarded to you as soon as we agree and it’s obtained .

Yours sincerely ,
Robert Hoyt Esq.

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