Maybe Maria Yolanda aka Marie, can ask help from the real Manuel Conesa Escolar or Fernando Gomez Garcia or Urs Maag ?
Or maybe uncle John: John Bresnahan can help?

Now as everyone of this criminal bunch keeps on changing his name, I was wondering.....................
Could it be that the John Ryan Power registrated in DE Holding AG together with Marc Long, in reality is John Bresnahan?
Did you really used your sons name, John?


I am not surprised that these crooks can stay under the radar for so long.
The UK has 5 different registration systems for a "Deed Poll"
None of them are connected one to the other or to all 5, how lucky these crooks are!?
And how lucky are the victims that did their Duedilligence and did not find anything special on the new or fake name.
It is good to know that the UK authorities protect so well their own and the European citizens. Sleep well!

Sapphire's Strike

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Well Sapph, a little detail Acklom did not want to say goodbye to his daughters for them not to see him handcuffed.

Nevermind these girls were moved from country to country, house to house, school to school,
even had to packup and were driven thousands of miles in the middle of the night by James Barrie Miller from Alicante to Italy.

Or introduced by their own father as his nieces to his next romance scam victim.
What did he tell them;" oh now daddy is called uncle"?????

From the parents who changed again their names with matching stolen and fake id's this time.
What did they tell them? ; "now your surname is escolar and daddy is called manuel and he just turned 38 instead of 45".
Did the girls have fake id's too?
And can Maria Yolanda aka Maria Escollar take her daughters out of Switzerland with fake id's?

At least one was born in the UK, surely some authority in Spain, Switzerland or the UK,
must have had the common sense to have childprotection take these girls away?
Before they are packed up and moved again. Still available James Barrie Miller?
Oh no i forgot..........James Barrie Miller only helps to escape, just before an arrest!
Maybe Child Protection services will be brought in now that their father has been arrested. I certainly hope so, poor little girls. :mad:

De Master Yoda

As with all these low life criminals, apart from their victims, their children suffer too & have to live with what their own parent has done for the rest of their lives. Despicable. Greed over family, unforgivable.
As is usually the case it is the innocents who suffer so these low life scumbags can lead the high life.
I would like to sincerely thank all those who worked tirelessly to get this conman arrested and a special thank you to those victims who had the courage to stand up when needed.

I have a feeling that Marc will be receiving a long prison term this time around. He is facing at least twenty charges maybe more so his future is looking bleak.

Well he certainly is getting a lot of publicity however it is not the kind of publicity he wanted. It is not showing him in a good light at all.
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Did you not scam and harm enough with InOrg John?
You and Acklom are like two peas in a pod, and I do not mean your looks.


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I would think that the CEO on the left, the cartoonfigure lookslike John Bresnahan, still hanging around the scammer John?

View attachment 11807
Hi Charlie's Angel,

We worked with Swissdisks some time ago and we met some of these people

From left to right
The CEO is indeed Mr. John Bresnahan
The COO is Mr. John Rice
The CTO is not the Manuel Escolar, we were presented to
The CFO is Mr. Fernando Gomez Garcia
The brain is a picture of Helmut Diedrichs from Germany
No clue who the CMO is, never seen her.

If I can be more helpful, just let me know.

Hi Shurelock,

Welcome to antifraud,

Just for the idea, you were introduced to the mentioned people?
Now I understand that the picture with the name Manuel Escolar, is not the one you were presented to, I suspect you were presented to Ackom.
Did the other persons, referred to Acklom, as being Manuel Escolar?
In other words; would they call him "Manuel" or "Mr. Escolar"?


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Hi Charlie,

most of the time we communicated by phone, but I met some of them over the time.
The CTO, which introduced himself as "Manuel Conesa Escolar", and also was called "Manuel Conesa" by the others, looked older and more representative that time.
Like a business man, but with bad manners, swearing and using the F*** word all the time.

(or not pay rent at all, just promise you are going to buy it)


luckily prisoncells are not for sale and you can not rent them either, all for free!
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Acklom from jail, through his faithfull soldiers will try to convince his believers around Swissdisks that the activity can and must continue,
mainly because if they stop believing they could accuse him of fraud.
Therefore I publish just a piece (could not be bothered to do all of this BS) that Acklom made for his believers some years ago.

Things were not going as planned, collaborators (and victims) were having some doubts. So Acklom came up with a Nickelwire business.
Needless to say the Nickelwire belonged to someone else, never to Acklom and no real Power of Attorney existed.
To keep everyone quiet and waiting, big names of succesfull companies and worldwide known people where thrown in. Names picked from the internet.
Click on the pink part to read the whole Acklom presentation. ENJOY

I am just very very curious which names he comes up with now, because he will, Acklom is an animal of habits and his behaviour is repetitive.
So with the real Manuel Escolar, Fernando Gomez Garcia and John Bresnahan still or again running around Switzerland,
I wonder what next "famous or world-wide known" he will throw at Swissdisks and investors? Anyone?


Dear All,

This document is intended as a communication so that everyone is “on the same page.” Regarding the SPOT deal this is now well advanced and we should receive a communication tomorrow. Regarding the rest of the operation I will expand below.

xxxx is coordinating a three tier marketing approach on the nickel wire through “Brasilinvest.” The intention is to create circumstances that allow us to deal withthe decision-makers and executive staff's of large users of nickel wire.

1. As we all know, Foxconn consumes approximately 50% of the global production of nickel wire annually. We destroyed our earlier opportunity with them when we offered the product at over $3 USD per meter and so this is our last chance. It’s our intention to create a coordinated effort to capture the Foxconn’s account and become their exclusive supplier of nickel wire on a permanent basis. Mr. Mario Garnero and his company “Brasilinvest” have coordinated with Brazil's Minister of technology to make the appropriate meeting to achieve this. They have already indicated that if we are able to supply them at 65 cents USD per meter on NP1 we will close the deal. The senior executive staff of Foxconn will be in direct communication with Mr. Garnero, at which time a closing meeting can take place in Brazil during the next 2 weeks. “xxxxxxxxxxxxxx” (“xxxx”) would be deployed to close the deal to become the new exclusive supplier of Foxconn’s nickel wire requirements.

2. Many articles have been written regarding Brazil's booming economy and “Brasilinvest” is at the forefront of Brazil's economic successes. Companies from all over the world have come to “Brasilinvest” to assist them in making appropriate introductions and recommendations on setting up and expanding their operations into the country. “Brasilinvest” will focus on their database of high tech users and government officials to spread the word regarding our availability of nickel wire. We anticipate many prequalified leads to come from these introductions. In all cases “xxxxx” would be directly involved in managing these relationships through “Brasilinvest.”

3. As you know both Brasilinvest and we have been working diligently to develop relationships with companies in South Korea like Hanjin. Hanjin is working closely with “Brasilinvest” to organize a high-level conference in Korea in early October of this year. Many local companies interested in expanding their operations into Brazil will be present. Companies like LG; Samsung; Hyundai etc. are expected to be attending. This type of conference typically attracts senior management and decision-makers and creates an opportunity for “xxxx” to negotiate at the highest possible level.

Although in all three cases nickel wire will be the dominating theme we are confident that other opportunities could and will be birthed through these meetings.
Furthermore, there is a fourth event-taking place in New York City; once again “Brasilinvest” will host the event. The theme of this particular meeting will be to attract 200 of the most influential people and decisionmakers from around the world. Everything from large-scale developers like Donald Trump
to CEOs of large corporations (high tech and otherwise) will be present. Mr. Garnero’s long-lasting business relationships and close personal friendships with everything from Arab Sheiks to large-scale money managers and industrialists from all over the world will be present. This is a meeting that will be held by invitation only and will afford us the opportunity to be amongst some of the most important decision-makers of the 21st century..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

We are very close now and a huge amount of work has been done.
Best Regards
For privacy reasons I have removed the names
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The Soldiers continue to follow the orders from Acklom out of jail. Here are their names:
John Bresnahan
Maria Yolanda Ros Rodriguez
Fernando Gomez Garcia
the real Manuel Conesa Escolar

The first and second one are making arrangements for money and continuity of the business.
The third and the fourth, proclaim they first agreed in calling Acklom; Markus Longhi (of the coffee) and then facilitated Acklom to use the name Manuel Escolar
After the first scare of the arrest of Acklom, Gomez Garcia and Conesa Escolar proclaimed that they had signed all official documents themselves.
So why did Gomez Garcia and Conesa Escolar did not have copies of or access to these documents they supposendly signed themselves? :rolleyes:o_O
Where are all documents and computers? Are they in the official office of Swissdisks in Gossau?
Where were they all taken away already? And where from and where to? Murcia maybe? And by who? :cautious:o_O
Why do these people go out of their way to continue and hide the work of a fraudster?
I wish I could have a peak at their private bankaccounts, or better on their name, did Acklom have access to this accounts? :cool:

Fernando Gomez Garcia, seems to have an interesting professional career in Spain, makes you wonder what he was so bussy with, in Switzerland????
Attached is his spanish registration of functions and jobs; 36 active functions and 32 historic functions in 49 companies.

To insure we got the right Fernando Gomez Garcia, we refer to page 7 SOLIDAGE DRIVES SOCIEDAD LIMITADA together with Manuel Conesa Escolar,+SOCIEDAD+LIMITADA/empresas/MURCIA/MURCIA/empresa?empresa=2176606



Thank you Goiaba!
There is no way I can do this without the support of so many people from the public, including unfortunately old and new victims.
The antifraud website, who offers to all of us a platform to communicate; Thank you Antifraud!
And this is the first time in 8 years I have the fealing that I am up to date!
So are the authorities because everyone keeps to do their best to keep them informed and updated.
So now it is up to the UK police and authorities to really keep us safe and arrest the rest of the gang.
The scam will and is not finished with just catching Acklom! I wish :cry:

never mind his clothes he has a preference for striped ones now!

The house-owner should take these tenders to court, they left a pigs stall, behind.

Oh MARIA YOLANDA ROS RODRIGUEZ aka MARIA ESCOLLAR seems to have left in a hurry, why???????
Fernando Gomez Garcia and the real Manuel Conesa Escolar were there too, but they could not help you;
they had their hands full on taking all the documentation of Acklom and Swissdisks, including Acklom's computer, why??????


You can run but you can not hide, at least not forever

As with all these low life criminals, apart from their victims, their children suffer too & have to live with what their own parent has done for the rest of their lives. Despicable. Greed over family, unforgivable.
Here Sapphire's Strike, this is what the rooms looked like after they were taken away in a rush, yet again!
Poor poor girl's