There are no criminal records for Marc Long, not suprising because his criminal recordS are on the name of Marc Ros Rodriguez and Mark Acklom
I wish the UK authorities would have the good sense to forbid Deed Polls for convincted and suspected criminals

Marc Long aka Marc Ros Rodriguez aka Mark Richard George Acklom was convicted in Spain for fraud

1) 6th May 1999 by the court of Malaga for 3 years and 6 months in prison. For fraud. Name Mark Acklom

2) 2nd July 2006 by the court of Alicante for 21 months in prison plus 6 imprisonment and 9 days fine. For fraud and falsifiction of business documents.
Mark Acklom.

3) July 2015 by the court of Cartagena for 3 years. For fraud. Name Marc Ros Rodriguez

On the 12th of November 2014 Marc Long was arrested by the Italian authorities.
On the 27th of March 2015 Marc Long was handed over / extradited to the Spanish authorities.
The court in Madrid agreed with his provisional prison under the Juzgado de Instruccion numero 2 de Cartagen. He was heard by the court on 8th of April 2015 and the judge upheld his custody.
The court of Cartagena has opened a procedure about fraud that would have occurred in 2008. Mark was investigated and found guilty for pretending to have properties in London, which he was selling them, for a sum of more than 200.000 euros. The properties did not exist or were not his.

Oh and there was a extradition request from the UK to Spain in 2006/2007 for a million fraud too.


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We have been defrauded by Acklom, Fernando Gomez Garcia, the real Manuel Conesa Escolar and John Bresnahan. We had contact and met all of them.

We like many others were offered a workcontract and shares with Swissdisks.

The only thing we would have to do is pay for a B-permit, so we were able to work in Switzerland. We paid to Mr. Fernando Gomez Garcia but never got the permit.

We met with Mr. John Bresnahan, who seemed in charge of Swissdisks, he told us he was in contact with Manuel Escolar read Acklom every night.
Hi ME71,

We know a lot of people got scammed and you are one of them, very unfortunately. As you can see the post you quoted is dated 4th of June, 26 days before his arrest.

The best thing is going to the police and make an official complaint. If you do please remember that you mention the Acklom & Co(llaborators):
John Bresnahan, Fernando Gomez Garcia, Manuel Conesa Escolar, Maria Yolanda Ros Rodriguez aka Maria Escollar and Urs Maag
Did you have had contact with any or all of them?
Do you think that without the collaboration of these men and the wife, Acklom would have been able to scam so many people or so much money?

We translated your post to English, because this is the English thread and we will post a copy in the German thread on the German forum of antifraud.
Member ME71 wrote:
"Hello everybody, in my case this is right. I concluded an employment contract with SD on March 1st, 2018 to build up the organization and supply chain.
Furthermore, I was to support the "CTO" Mr. Helmuth Diedrichs in implementing the development with Roland Strauch and Mr. Tamasz in the form of project management as an employee. I have an employee participation of 9% in the employment contract for this work.

After giving Mr. MCE a loan for a contract of 75,000 CHF, I received the first shares already on 16 March. Keyword checkup: The capital increases were realized by converting liabilities into capital. For this it is necessary that the auditor successfully audits the situation of the company. The audit was fine! Furthermore, I was able to physically touch the box and have actively worked on the development of this. No trace of fraud!

Thus, I believe today that this company instead of investor funds, had received black money which should then be washed.

I was the first to distance myself from the company on 3.7.2018 because: Fernando Gomez Garcia said he knew that Manuel Conesa Escolar had allowed a third one to use his name (Marc Aklom) and did not inform me. This is from my opinion already a crime because he has benefited from it.
Manuel Conesa Escolar has lent his name to a third, who, with his knowledge cheated on me.
For questions please P.M."


Maybe there are some old cases of fraud (2010) still open? I bet Acklom will try to put the blaim on Urs Maag in the old cases.

Maybe there are some new cases of fraud ? But who will Acklom blaim in these cases?
He has so many choices; John Bresnahan or Fernando Gomez Garcia or the real Manuel Conesa Escolar or maybe yet again Urs Maag?

And he will put the blaim on the above mentioned collaborators because Acklom is never guilty (according to only him of course).
I just can not wait to see and hear who needs to take the fall this time? :sneaky:

Thank you to all the victims old (2010) and new in Switzerland, that you all fought and reacted so strong and so quick. We did it!
There goes your plan Acklom, now what are you going to order John Bresnahan and Fernando Gomez Garcia to do? It is about time those two get arrested too.

Now the UK authorities / police should have enough time to finally call those victims back that have tried and tried to speak to them!
Victims with valid cases of fraud as decribed in the act 2006
UK citizens that deserve and need your support, help and undivided attention.
Victims that were threatened before!!! KEEP THEM SAVE but for real this time.
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I wonder how it is possible he writes like he was educated at Eton public school before going to Cambridge university and possibly Harvard Law School? It is dated 19 July 2018, Acklom was in jail. Was this written by John Bresnahan?

So fraud is now an imagination?????
And what kind of appropiate response do these bunch of scammers have in mind?
Scammed victims from Bristol / Bath were theathened in the past, is history repeating itself?

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐
Am 19. Juli 2018 AM schrieb Manuel Conesa <>:
[INDENT]Dear xxxxxx[/INDENT]

I gladly answer your most recent communication in the following terms:
All this succession of events is an accident of which we are all victims. And any attempt to consider me as an author of fraud is ridiculous.
Im my opinion, you are making the mistake of confusing an unfortunate drift of the company because of Mark, with the commission of a fraud, which exists only in your imagination............................................................................
Even so, I would warn you in an extraordinarily cordial and friendly way that you, have no reason or right to accuse or blame me for the current situation. Therefore, any action you could take that may go against me, or simply against my public image or name, will receive its appropiate response.
Manuel Conesa
Swiss Disks GmbH
Lerchenstrasse 44,
9200 Gossau SG[/COLOR][/INDENT]
[COLOR=rgb(124, 112, 107)][INDENT]



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We met John Bresnahan on several occasions and thats totally his style of speech.
- And again he tries to cover Acklom and his shit.
- And again he is threatening people, trying to hide it with this "extraordinarily and friendly way". Sarcasm at its best.
- What will his "appropiate response" be? Postpone the payback of the money we lost for another 10 years?
and according to Acklom; "is a very serious crime"


played along calling Acklom and referring to Acklom as Manuel Escolar, even at banks, notaries and to employees.



"I have a totally clear conscience in all my business affairs, charity dealings and my business and association with Mark!
He is both a friend and business partner, who has been extremely open about his past where necessary and for my part, all our dealings have been totally transparent, entirely legitimate and necessitating extremely hard work and significant personal sacrifice for the ultimate benefit of my and his family?
His past is precisely that and I would invite you at any time to sit with myself, both of us and/or James to clear up any unfortunate mis-understanding that has arisen here! Meanwhile in everyones interest, I would respectfully request actions such as this cease immediately, ..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
Best regards
John Bresnahan"
JOHN BRESNAHAN trying to convince a victim, at his best;
Integrity? Assuring ? Genuine? Honestly at all times? :eek:o_O

Hi xxxx,
Sorry if I have spelt your name incorrectly as I do not have your card immediately to hand!
As discussed and I hope our conversation helped, but please do not have any concerns for the integrity of anyone of us involved in this business.... I can understand to a degree you would initially be cautious about our early associations and I respect that. However I want to reassure you of our genuine commitment to everything we have so far discussed in meetings with yourself, and the xxx.
Concerning your old friend, Giancarlo, once again my apologies for any misunderstanding and we are more than happy to discuss this with him at any time as under no circumstances do we see any need for actions to "sue" as you refer!
As agreed, please forward a copy of your message to James as it is useful for us to understand such representations, albeit with the genuine interest of your business in mind?
Assuring you of our genuine participation and honestly at all times.
Kind regards
It is clear Mr. Acklom would have not been able to scam these victims without the full collaboration of:

To stop the scamming these should be caught and jailed too

Hua Mulan

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The Sky article.

By Martin Brunt, crime correspondent

Fugitive who 'faked ties to Elon Musk' faces new investigation

The suspected UK fraudster is now accused of pretending to be an associate of Elon Musk to lure people to invest in Switzerland.

The extradition to the UK of fugitive Mark Acklom has been blocked because Swiss prosecutors have launched an investigation into new fraud allegations.

If the 45-year-old is charged and convicted in Switzerland, his British trial could be delayed for years.

UK extradition papers were served on the Swiss before this week's 40-day deadline after his arrest near Zurich on 30 June.

But six investors have given police statements alleging that together they lost about £750,000 invested in a company run by Acklom, who posed as a Spaniard named Manuel Conesa Escolar, and so his extradition is on hold.

The company Swiss Disks claimed to be developing a black box data recorder for driverless cars and used a glitzy website with dynamic videos to lure investors, promising huge profits.

Its website also showed images of luxury cars to imply it had the backing of major manufacturers.

According to investor Harald Herbon, a former banker, Acklom was a reclusive figure whose wife told suspicious neighbours he was "the right-hand man" of car technology pioneer Elon Musk and "the real brain" behind Tesla cars.

Mr Herbon said he became chief executive officer of Swiss Disks after investing 400,000 Swiss francs, roughly £400,000.

He never met Acklom, who would always make excuses to miss meetings, and dealt with him by phone only. He admits he should have been more careful.

Mr Herbon said: "He is brilliant in operating with people. He tells you a story and after a few minutes you believe him. The product idea was very good, but all we had to show for our investment was a prototype built in a little garage.

"He promised us billions and said Swiss Disks would be one of the biggest companies within a year. It made sense. He sent me a contract to sign showing that Elon Musk had invested five billion francs."

Acklom is currently in Champ-Dollon prison near Geneva awaiting the outcome of fraud investigations by prosecutors in three Swiss cantons.

The Swiss federal prosecutor's office said: "In the course of Swiss criminal proceedings, the person was handed over to the public prosecutor's office of Canton Geneva on 6 July 2018. The Swiss criminal proceedings has priority over the extradition proceedings."

Acklom, who allegedly also used the alias Marc Long, is wanted in the UK on 20 fraud charges after he allegedly stole the life savings of Carolyn Woods, a Gloucestershire woman he promised to marry in 2011.

Mr Herbon said: "A lot of people came forward with complaints to the police and now he is not going to Great Britain. He must pay the price in Switzerland for what he has done here. After that we can send him to the UK where he can get arrested again."

He rented Acklom a luxury lakeside apartment in Wadenswil, where Acklom was arrested in June. He said Acklom paid the first month's rent of 7,500 francs upfront, then promised to set future payments against his company profits.

Mr Herbon said he had started a process to register Swiss Disks as a bankrupt company and said he had no hopes of getting back his investment.

De Master Yoda

Mr Herbon said: "A lot of people came forward with complaints to the police and now he is not going to Great Britain. He must pay the price in Switzerland for what he has done here. After that we can send him to the UK where he can get arrested again."
It sounds like Acklom may be serving a few years jail time in Switzerland before he starts his jail time in the UK. It may be many many years before he can walk out as a free man. Scammers and fraudsters take note, the odds of you too being caught and jailed are increasing.

The prison where Acklom is being held has had quite a few concerns about overcrowding and although as prisons go it is not too bad, it is still prison.

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They'll all be suffering with a stiff neck. constantly looking over your shoulder plays havoc on your neck I'm told.
Imagine the feeling of constant Adrenaline rushes, stress can be the cause an early grave you know.
The price you have pay for sheer greed these days. :giggle:

De Master Yoda

An interesting article on Acklom with more details of his life of crime.

"Two days after his arrest, his wife, who yesterday was still in the lakeside apartment with her children, turned up as usual for her yoga session, telling the instructor that it would have to be her last.
‘I don’t have the money to pay for them any more,’ she said.
Quite whether she had any idea of her husband’s alleged deceptions remains to be seen. For now at least, it seems, she will no longer be enjoying the fruits of his labours."
"Quite whether she had any idea of her husband’s alleged deceptions remains to be seen. For now at least, it seems, she will no longer be enjoying the fruits of his labours."

Of course Maria Yolanda Ros Rodriguez knows and she collaborates with Acklom for years to enable him to do his scams. Scammed victims did payments for the schools of her children in particular the education of her son Pxxxx. Did she never wondered who paid the school fees?

Why would she tell neighbors that her husband was the right hand of Elon Musk? Why did she agree time and time again to pack up as thieves in the night and move her children from a familiar environment to yet again a new one? Why did she put RLEA (Ros Luxury Estate Agents) on her name whereas clearly the articles published on the website were written by the man himself? Was she not present at the courtcases in Alicante, where another "other woman" got convicted for fraud, just because everything was on her name?
She did marry a convicted fraudster, possibly she even met him while he was still in jail. Acklom changed his name to Ros Rodriguez, her surnames, did she not know why he did that? Why did she use fake names like Maria Moss, Marie Longhi or Maria Escollar? Did hubby just come home from work and told her from today on you have a new name?

And this all for almost a decade, naif maybe but not for that long and how do her bank accounts look like just as washy as all the others?

And lost but not least why would Acklom instruct her if she had nothing to do with it? Quote:

"Change the papers to you (on your name) and do not make mistakes, tell Fernando to help you. And also tell him to do the same, and he can help you to move. The important thing is that Jon *** must do the event with Fernando so they are able to solve it. "