Antifraud has been investigating Marc Acklom warning potential victims and helping victims, journalists and police since 2011.
Although the administrators were confronting several lawyers of the Acklom gang, they kept the info about Acklom on the internet, making his arrest possible.
A big thank you to you all and my special thought going to DMY could not have done it without him!

That all written i hope that the international lawenforcement does not forget that Acklom never was an one man show and that to keep " the public safe" they can not stop the investigations just because Acklom is in jail. The rest of the gang is still out there doing the same old same old.
And who knows if the story ends here? It can not be! Acklom was not only one romancescam. Acklom is decates of all kind of scams.
What if Paul Wiggins aka Kaur, James Barrie Miller or John Bresnahan did not confirm to Carolyn Woods all Acklom's stories?
would she have fallen for his BS the same?

And how about the rest of the gang he made part of did any country went after them?
I am quiet sure it is to be continued......................................................
Did the police talked to Maria Yolanda Ros Rodriguez already, maybe they should. Maybe this is where Carolyn Wood's money, a.o. went to.

Angelli Property Group limited (Angel Higueras), Angelli Group, Maria Yolanda Ros Rodriguez, of course, same old, same old.



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Maybe but probably will be to late because looks like he will be released in August 21 after doing only 2 years of his 5yrs/8mnth prison term. And as release date is before PoC hearing he has chance to abscond so for him opportunity to avoid assesmnet and pay back of any monies and also avoid any extradition to spain.

govan victim

I guess besides naming himself George Richard Soros, he even registrated a company as Soros in the UK, which of course is dissolved now it was called The Soros Carroll Partnership Limited, Company number 07222986

Now you have my attention Unique send me a private message, thank you
See early release of this bastard. Shouldn't someone tell the Spanish authorities about is as he is still wanted there.