Rose Mengwa, Sudan


One He-Goat Short Of A Westy
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from: rose mengwa <>
date: Aug 27, 2019, 12:01 PM

I am glad to get your message,i will start by introducing my self first my full name is Miss.Rose Mengwa, 26yr old, dark in complexion,173cm tall,black eyes and black long hair. I was a nursing student from Upper Nile University of Sudan, i am writing you from Republic of Dakar Senegal where i have been residing in orphanage home as an orphan,after the brutal murder of my parents by some rebels,during the political crisis in my country (Sudan) some years ago. i hope you will still like me after hearing all this because i know,a lot of people do not like hearing matters like this,i do not even like telling people the story ,but i guess i have to be real open to whom ever will have to be my friend, please i have never engage myself in anything lesbianism and i will never think of that in life,try and understand me.

Because what i really need in this period of my life is a real friend whom i can share secrets with,i just hope you are the one.So,this is my world,now you tell me more about yourself OK. In my next letter, i will tell you what i like,and enjoy most and more about me, not now because i know some people do not like long letters or probably do not have the time. Attached here is my photograph right now,i hope you will like it, sorry i do not have plenty of photographs because of my living condition this one is old pictures because mobile is not allowed here for security reason ,hope to hear from you soon. !!!!

Best Regards

Rose Mengwa