Rosine Philippe


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From: Rosine Philippe <>
Subject: Honey, I have decided to offer you 25% of the whole money, contact :
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2016

Hello my dear, how are you today ?

I hope every thing is moving on well.

Honestly, it is God who saw your pure heart and brought you to help me; He knows that you are the right person for me and that you will be honest till the end. I prayed seriously for God to give me a nice and sincere person who will be sincere and can take very good care of me. God answered my prayer by bringing you into my life, you are the right person i choose to help me and i hope you will not betrayed my trust. Most importantly i want you to fill the gap which the death of my parents created in my heart and moreover i want you to bring me out of this terrible refugee camp to your country immediately after the transfer. Every minutes I think of my situation here, it makes me shield tears always because I have never expected such in my life. Below is the contact of the bank, please contact the bank by their e-mail address immediately.Let them know that you are my partner for the transfer of the fund and also ask them the possibilities to transfer my late father s fund into your account, in the account details. Here is the contact of the bank to write them :

Contact Personal Email,
or manager email
Name of the official transfer - Peter Sands.
Phone Number: 00447031828803
Phone Number: 00447031899625
Fax Number: +44-87-1256-029059576
Information on the Code following the deposit.
Name of depositor: Engr. Clifford Philippe
Nationality: Liberia
Then the family: Miss Rosine Philippe
Deposited amount: US dollars for $ 4.7 million
Account Number: SCBPJ715608802536/ZU/44/D

The money is deposited in my name Miss Rosine Philippe, communicate with them now on how to allocate the money ($4.7million) into your account the money was deposited by my deceased father, whom I am the next of kin for the family.

Honey, I have decided to offer you 25% of the whole money as a compensation and in showing appreciation for your kind help in this transaction.

i will like you to send the Bank an email with there official address in this massage, or you can also call them with there official telephone number if you wish to speak to the bank manager him self.
Honey, i am waiting to hear from you soonest.

May Almighty God bless you.
Yours, darling
Rosine Phillippe