Ross Mcewan, CNN Special Award


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Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2018
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You have won $ 1.5M USD in the 2018 CNN Special Award. Your social responsibilities to people has gained our recognition for this special award. Contributions to Medical care and other social responsibilities which you have been involved in made you a recipient of this prize award. You can now begin your Prize Money Transfer Process. Please read the following instruction and notes carefully:

You are to complete all clearance requirement for the transfer of your won funds. For immediate release of your won prize, you are to pay the processing cost of 920 USD (Nine hundred and twenty US dollars) to our Remittance Officer via Money Gram or Western Union

Receiver Name: Jenny Parvin
Address: 1 Princes Street. London. EC2R 8BP
United Kingdom

Soon as the processing fee payment is made, do send the details for immediate confirmation. Send the information such as Sender's name, Address and Ref: Number./ MTCN Payment details should be sent to the transfer bank for confirmation via email : Or

As soon as your payment for the processing cost is confirmed, you will email us your Bank details to receive the won funds as indicated. Please note that the claim processing cost as indicated above cannot be deducted from the won amount because of the hard cover insurance on won amount which prevents any deductions whatsoever, to be made.

Ross Mcewan.
(970) 325-5904
1 CNN Center, Atlanta, Georgia, 30303,
United States.