Ruby Nelson, Ivory Coast


From, Dakar, Senegal, Sonatel, Societe Nationale Des Telecommunications Du Senegal
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From: Ruby Nelson <>
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011

My dearest ,
How are you doing today? i hope you are fine. i am very happy for your replied at the mail i sent to you and i hope to have a good conversation with you. let me first of all reveal my self to you, i will appreciate the best of your honesty and sincerity after knowing more about me because i will really like us to have a strong and good relationship in-spite of anything (be it age,distance or color) because i have this feeling that you will not betray me after having in contact with you.

My names are Miss Ruby Nelson Age 24. ft 5/7. wt 65, i am the only daughter of ( Late Dr.Linus Nelson) from Ivory coast in West Africa sub region who died during a political conflict in my country in some years back. My father was the personal adviser to our former head of state. LATE GEN ROBERT GUEI. he was also chairman managing director ( ARUNA COCOA / DIAMONDS INDUSTRIES (PLC) in the capital of my country Abidjan, and he also exporting cocoa, diamonds, coppers, coffees, cobalt. My father was killed along side with my beloved mother on a cold blood one morning by some hoodlums,who parades themselves as political thugs which they accused my father of coup attempt (which he never did).I managed to escape for my dear life and ran into a neighboring country, Dakar the capital of (Senegal) where i am presently seeking asylum in the refugee camp called.(SOCIETY DU REFUGEE TAMACOUNDA DAKAR SENEGAL). My relatives ran away during the middle of the conflict and they are no where to be found which i lost contact with them.

The only person i have now is Rev.Peter Johnso, who is the Reverend Minister in charge of the church in this camp (CHRIST DU KING MISSION). He has been very nice to me since I came here but I am not living with him rather I am living in the Women's hostel. because the camp have two hostels one for men the other for women. Reverend's e-mail address is [] Phone (00221-703-339-527 ) i would like you to call me with the Reverend number. when you call tell him that you want to speak with Ruby Nelson and he will send for me in the female hostel to answer your call OK. i would be very happy to hear your voice on phone today.

Please listen to this vital information,i was Lucky to discovered my father's File which contains important documents of his access like deposit certificate of his account where he deposited a large sum of $6.8m USD. (Six Million eaight hundred thousand dollars) in a leading Bank which he use my name (Miss Ruby Nelson) as the next of kin to the account. i also have with me death certificate and will certificate of my late father which I will send to you later.

I had contacted the bank and they ask me to search for a foreign partner who will stand as my trustee to assist me in transferring the fund because of my refugee status which has denied me of making the transaction by myself and the law of this country does not allow refugees to make any international transactions that is the reason why i have contacted you to assist me. However, i will like you to send me your full contact information below so that i will use them to introduce you to the bank first before i shall give you their contacts information so that you will contact them directly for confirmation of your acceptance to assist me in transferring the fund to your account.

1, Your full name______________
2, Your address______________
3, Your telephone number______________
4, Your occupation______________
5, Your country______________

After the transaction you will arrange for my trip to enable me come over to your country and meet with you so that i will continue with my studies while you will invest the money wisely in a very good business of your choice or if you don't intend me staying with you or your family, then i will compensate you with 20% of the total money for your services and the balance shall be my investment for real estate which you will also help me. I am waiting to hear from you soonest. Please do keep this information only to your self and don't disclose it to any other person for my security purpose because if many people hears about this transaction they might hurt or kill me as they did to my parents. take good care of yourself and have a lovely day. think about me,

Yours sincerely