Russian Love Scam- Станислав Лукашов-Stanislav Lukashov


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Russian Love Scam


I met Stanislav Lukashov from St. Petersburg, Russia at a webcam site where he was a model. When he found out I was a doctor, he befriended me. He made me feel special and gave me his personal information and photos. He quit the job and covinced me to pay his salery. He got me to buy him a car after promising to come to the US and spend his life with me. Of course he never came. He deceived me and manipulated my emotions for ten months. He got me to send him money every month. He always told me how wonderful I was and how much he loved me.

He was always full of kind words and promises, except when I failed to give him everything he wanted or when I questioned his sincerity. The delivery of money always made things wonderful again, and he somehow made me feel like I was the luckiest person in the world.

He lied and told me the car had been wrecked beyond repair in the summer. Recently, I found photos of the same car taken in October and November, three after it had supposedly been wrecked. The next spring he wanted another car. After a number of manipulations and intimidations, he finally convinced me to give him the money for a car. He professed that he would stay with me indefinately regardless of money. I took out a loan for $28,000 and sent a total of $42,000.

A week after the $42,000 arrived, Stanislav said he wanted a new life and would send the money back. When I sent him the bank information, he disappeared from the American internet. A week later I found evidence of a $44,000 Mercedes C55 AMG that was purchased with the money.

Scammer: Stanislav Lukashov
20 yrs old, Model, Student (Economics), 5 feet, 8 inches tall, 65 kg weight. Light brown hair, blue-gray eyes.
St. Petersburg, Russia.
Former addresses-Vladimirski Prospect 8, Room 52
Bakunina St.

Former Emails- []-mysteriously closed after a trip to Spain.

Former phone number-7-911-959-1729

Total amount scammed over ten months around $120,000