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Date: Fri, 29 May 2020

Hello Sir/ Madam.

I am a Financial Consultant of A&G Finance Ltd, I have a client who has an interest in Investing in your country into a Joint Venture Partnership. He has funds available meant for investment.

Please contact if you are interested.

S. G. Dudley


Staff member
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From: "S.G DUDLEY" <free500505@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2020
Subject: MY REPLY

This is to confirm the receipt of your email as regards to my potential offer that required a person with a wealth of experience and connections in the economic world and leverages. We are located in the UK, Here is our website for more info: www.aandgfinanceltd.com

My client is looking for someone that will manage and invest the sum of US$150,000,000.00 in the long term of 10 years and above.

My client will remain silent and anonymous throughout the period of movement of the US$150,000,000.00 from our Bank to the Beneficiary/Recipient Account and will not get involved either directly or indirectly. All correspondence associated with this transaction will be strictly addressed to me.

I would like you to detail us your area of specialization and how you intend to invest the aforementioned funds if given the opportunity to do so and what is your expected Return on Investment? (ROI) Your detailed explanation will enable us to access your qualification and competency to handle the US$150,000,000.00 if released to you before we can proceed.

What type of business will you prefer to invest the fund into?
How much will you need for an investment project?
Do you have any business plans available?
I will be expecting your response

More details will be made available to you upon receipt of your comprehensive response on the above subject matter.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

S. G. Dudley