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Hello dear,

My name is Sahir Saad from Syria, presently with the United Nations refugee camp (Azraq refugee camp) here in Jordan on an asylum. I got your contact from Syrian American who was killed in the war. I want to seek your assistance in the following areas

1. To assist me look for a profitable business in your country (where I can invest to sustain a living until the political crisis in my country is over).

2. To assist me purchase a living home, I have (US$17,000,000.00) in a financial institution which the information shall be provided to you should there be a need for evidence, or a proof of deposit funds as we move forward in this confidential business. I shall provide information that will prove to you that this is a serious business which will benefit you as well; hence I earnestly solicit for your assistance.Kindly send me an email indicating your willingness to assist me Email me back on:

Best regards,
Sahir Saad.


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