Salim Bin Mahmoud, National Oil Corporation of Libya


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Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2020
Subject: Your E-mail,Hope to read from you

Dear Sir,

We the National Oil Corporation of Libya in conjunction with the Presidential COVID-19 Task Force is presently issuing Crude Oil Export Licenses to applicants who intend to partner with us on our COVID-19 RESPONSE FUND EXERCISE.

I am the Coordinator of the NOC COVID-19 RESPONSE FUND. I am looking for well meaning partners to work with. This exercise is aimed at raising funds via Crude Oil Sales. Successful Crude Oil licensees will be entitled to 5% of the Crude Oil Sales Proceeds. With the proper understanding between us, I will get you the Crude Oil Export License and put you through the entire sales process. I have buyers already lined up ready to buy any quantity of Crude Oil awarded to you. The proceeds will be used to purchase online learning equipment (personal computers and internet moderns) from dealerships in your country.

Waiting to hear from you.
Salim Bin Mahmoud

Yeop Joe


I work with the Libyan government's National Oil Corporation of Libya. Libya is set for its covid 19 vaccination campaign and We are looking for a party to work with that will be the intermediary between the Libyan government and china vaccine manufacturer (Cansino Biologists).

The reward to you will be disclosed upon your confirmation that you are ready to work with usas the intermediary party.

I will give you more information about this once i receive your response.

Waiting to hear from you.

Salim Bin Mahmoud