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Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010
From: Ammanda <>

Hello Dear Candidates,

Thank you for your reply to my advertisement on gumtree. I'm looking for Couriers for a part time job (about 1-2 hors a day). Your duties will be:
- To receive goods or mail to your home address.
- To open box and check the stuff (color, quantity etc.).
- Report me by e-mail
- To put stuff in new boxes with few items that you've received already (up to 20 lbs.)

You will earn 40.00 GBP per each shipment (Western Union, bank transfer or check). It is an easy regular job without a heavy lifting. You don't need to drive a car or a truck - it is not necessary. I'm serving few stores and have 10 - 40 customers every day with different orders from all areas. I have some special orders also as corporate documents delivery, cash delivery, jewelry delivery and gifts delivery, auto spare parts etc.

If you are really interested I instruct you at the same time when it comes to the deal. I'll try to make you busy on weekend also if you would like to. I'm doing the same and I'm busy too much. That's why I'm looking for couriers. Let me know if you still interesting and please give me some information about yourself as follows:
First name:
Last name:
Home address:
Postal Code (Zip code):
Cellular phone:
Name of a provider of your cellular phone company :
Home phone:
When is the best time to contact you during a business day?
Do you have a permit to work in UK?
How many hours do you have available during a day?