Samuel Raymond, from Rwanda


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Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2018


I Am 23 years old, My name is Samuel Raymond, from Rwanda . I am the eldest son of the late Captain Gordon Raymond, the former Director of Ministry of Mining and Solid Mineral, Rwanda . I am now in Kenya as a refugee in the Kenya refugee camp. Please, I want to confide in you to help me solve this problem, which I have. My late father deposited a box with a security & finance company before the war in Libya, and when the fight was ablaze, my parent was shot dead by the rebels and I and my sister escaped to exile by the assistant of The United Nations peace keeping soldiers and we were brought to Kenya to seek asylum under Kenya Government.

One of my late father's friends, Mr. Yang Lee is suppose to receive the box for him in Asia, all effort to contact Mr. Yang Lee has proved abortive but I still remain the next of kin to empower a new foreign partner to assist and work on behalf of me, it is on this note that I am contacting you to please assist me to make claims of the check from the security company and help us invest the funds for the benefit of my future.I want to invest in USA,Asia and Europe as well. I need an urgent adoption to help me facilitate issue.

I have personally contacted the security Company and they have assured me that the box is intact and its ready to be released or deliver to any of my late father partner or anybody I empower to received the box in any part of Asia, America or Europe as it was instructed by my late father before he die, now what I intend to do now is to empower you for the claim of this check on behalf of me.

Please, this is confidential, and I have not told anybody before about this, the box contains 50 Carats of purple rough-cut diamond gemstones of Diamond Creek, Lofa County Origin and $3 Million U.S Dollars which according to what I see from my late fathers will, the money is two silver boxes. I count on you and I trust you because am sure and I have the believed that you can do it and be honest with me.we shall share 50/50% of the total funds and goods.I will make you the foreign beneficiary of all the consignment including dumorage charges by the security company.

At the moment I did not have any financial power to handle this transaction alone and that is why am getting you involve to help me with one mind and solve this problem for me. I am sending this email on public cafe, I cannot say everything here for confidential reason, but please you can give me your telephone number and i will call you immediately. Thank you with hope of your help.God richly bless you.

Yours truly,
Samuel Raymond