This thread is mainly for inexperienced users
Every day when we are surfing the internet we risk not only to fall for scams but also we can easily get infected and hacked.
Just by visiting some unknown site we are putting our computer into risk of being infected with trojans or backdoors or whatever.
To enforce protection for your computer you can use Sandboxie

For start let me explain what is Sandboxie very detailed
Snadboxie is a software program that allows you to run programs under isolated environment socalled sandbox
Isolated environment is an emulated part of your real system where any running program does not affect your computer

What can Sandboxie do for you?
1 You can run unknown program in sandbox to see whether you can trust that program before you run it on real system.
By doing this you will avoid your computer of being infected with malware and adware.
2 You can install programs into sandbox like you would install it directly on your PC to test whether it is worth of using.
This will allow you to test programs you dont know much about but interested to use without affecting your real system registry and system folders.
3 Run your browser using sandbox and have little chances of your real system being infected when browsing the web.

What Sandboxie is not nable to provide for your PC?
1 Sandboxie cannot detect malware so it is not able to prevent execution of malicious code.
Howerever malicious code will be executed only in sandbox so it can be easily killed and removed,this is the main and only aid you get from using this program
Istead of spending much time for curing and restoring you PC you can just kill and trash everything suspicious which is running on your machine just by one click.
2 Sandboxie does not protect your personal data from theft and browsing habits from tracking even when your browser is sandboxed.
This means everything that is placed in sandbox is not protected.For this reason you should avoid transfering you PII through sandboxed browser
You do not need to visit sites you trust with you personal data using sandboxed browser.Use sandbox for visiting unknown and suspicious sites instead.
3 Sandboxie like any other software can have flaws and vulnerabilities.
This means that this software can be exploited by hackers just like your web browser and OS too.

Considering all said above you should undesrtand that Sandboxie is not ideal protection.
It can be used to enforce protection of your PC as much as possible but it does not totally protect it. There is no ideal protection in simple words.
Always keep your system up to date, install and always update your antivirus and all other software,keep your firewall enabled
Sandboxie and other similar software can be considered as a good addition for your protection but not the only and not the best one.

Sandboxie licensing
Note that Sandboxie is not really free software.There are two editions Sandboxie free and Sandboxie paid
Paid edition is designed to commercial use,free one is for home users
For home users these editions have little to no any difference in functionality
Free version allows you to run software only in one sandbox at the same time,
Paid version allows to run various programs in different created sandboxes.That is the difference.
Apart from this both editions are able to provide you equal protection level
There is no difference you always have suspicious programs running isolated from your OS with both of them.

Sandboxie compatibility and troubleshooting
Personally I do not remember serious troubles installing Sandboxie on any Windows operating system.
It installs and works the way as it should be on all systems from XP to Windows 10

What browsers and software you can use with Sandboxie?
Any browser you have installed on your system you can get sandboxed without serious problems
Of course like with any other software it is not free of appearing some bugs and lags
For instance you may sometimes experience troubles with plugins especially Java and Flash
Any software can be tested in sandboxed mode,although it may have also some troubles
Especially those software programs that require direct access to serious system core resources that cannot be proccessed through isolated area without problems.

It is the first part to introduce what is Sandboxie some time later I will post manual on how to use it.
Keeping informed.
Sandboxie is easy to use
You do not need to manage any settings after you have it installed

Starting browser with Sandboxie
All what you need is to run your browser in sandboxed mode
Just right click link to your favorite browser on your desktop to start isolated online browsing

Click "Run sandboxed" for your browser.
You can also use "Sandboxed Web Browser" link on your desktop to start your system default browser.
Sandboxed browser works absolutely the same way like you would run it unsandboxed.

Then just click "DefaultBox" and click "OK" to run your browser when you will be asked by this dialog

Recovering downloaded files from sandbox
Sometimes you will need to recover files that you download from sandbox area
Sandboxie by default, when file is downloaded, automatically shows you notification that you would need to recover downloads

Just click "Recover" button to save your downloads to the folder that is managed to save downloads in your browser settings.
Sometimes Sandboxie does not show you notifications automatically,do not worry you can recover your downloads manually

To procceed this step just right click Sandboxie icon in the system tray

Go to "DefaultBox" > "Quick Recovery"

You will see this dialog

Just choose available files to recover and then click "Recover to same folder".

Deleting data from sandbox
It is good to clean your sandbox from time to time.Usually Sandboxie will notify you when it is necessary.

To clean sandbox contents manually click Sandboxie icon in system tray

Go to "DefaultBox" > "Delete Contents"

Once you see this dialog

Clcik "Delete Contents" button.

For inexperienced user this is enough to know about how to use Sandboxie.
However if you have any questions- just ask me I will try all my best to assist you.
Next time I will describe how to run other software with this program.

Download Sandboxie free edition from official website

I would add a little but very important warning for those using web browsers sandboxed to visit suspicious sites.
When you first time run your browser with sandbox or run it on a clean sandbox environment,Sandboxie creates a copy of your browser files placed on your machine
including all your browsing history and personal data if any
For this reason make sure you have cleaned your browser cache including all passwords and other sensetive data to avoid falling it into sandbox area.
Remember- sandboxed data is not protected