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New alias - Sandy Eric (

Just stopping in briefly to add to this - he's got a new alias, Sandy Eric and his daughter's name is Lana.

T: +44 703 594 5167 <--- his phone number.

Same email, same everything, and I just got the reply this morning. Bleh.


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Another Hit: Sandy Eric Tutoring Scam

I found the exact same ad in my local newspaper, The Register Guard. I called and informed the paper's office about the e-mail I got back (and yep, daughter's name was Lana, this time, and parent's name was Sandy Eric, e-mail [], while the phone number was the same). I found this thread by searching the ad's phone number, and I'm hoping maybe if anyone in my area answered the ad thinking it was real, if they decide to Google any of the contact info they can find the thread too and see that the job is a scam.

I had an encounter with this kind of scam a couple of years ago while I was trying to sell my saxophone on craigslist. The guy wanted me to deduct the cost of the saxophone AND a couple hundred extra "for my troubles" (I guess because of having to go out to Western Union to pick up the "check" and all that) and then FORWARD THE BALANCE (key phrase) to his "shipping associate." I showed the check to my bank and they were like, "Yep, definitely a fake." I wish there was a way to alert more people about this.



I saw the same ad in the local news paper and I just found out that it's a fruad.!

this is what I got from the first email:


Thanks for your interest in the tutor job. My name is Sandy Eric. Me and my family are relocating from England to the US this month, my 11Yrs old daughter(Lana) my only family would be coming with me to continue her studies in the state, i would like you to help her in this follows subjects, Mathematics, English writing and essay, Science and reading tutorial. She is a 5th grader, very brilliant, sharp and smart little girl. You are expect to tutor her 1hr per day, and 3 times per week, that is you are having to work with her for 3hrs total a week, the tutoring can take place in our house, your house or any nearest library(Morning or Afternoon) As we are moving to your locality but we have not reached final agreement with the landlord of the house so i would let you know on our address as time goes. My daughter would be the first to be in the state because i have to clear all my business transactions and i would join her later in January. I got a good and responsible nanny that will take proper care of her and also to always drive her down to the location of the lesson.

I am offering $50 per hr, kindly let me know if this charge is okay for you or if any let me know, So i can be able to send you the payment and book your service prior to my daughters arrival in the state. I'll be sending you the payment inform of a check for the tutorials while I'll also pay the Nanny that will look after her in the state while i join her later on, so as soon as you get the money/funds cleared you'll deduct cost of tutoring for the month and send balance to the nanny that would be looking after my daughter in the state.

So please Kindly get back to me with the following:
1.Your charges per hour.
2.Total charges for first month that he will be taught one hour per day-3 times a week.
3. Full Name:
Zip code:
Home phone number:
Cell phone number:

Will be waiting to read your mail soon.

Very Respectful

Sandy Eric
T: +44 703 594 5167

I can't believe I almost fell for it!!

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I captured the email and sent it to FTC and they have given it to Gilardi & Co
Total Loss $3290 due to fake international money orders mail to me in Texas from Brandon Florida
Same phone number: +44 703 594 5167

14 July 2010
From: WhoReadMe email from
IP Address
Location of email: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Western Union Scam

July 27, 2010

RECEIVER'S NAME Richard Cormier
address 32 Palmstone Ave
City Manassa
State Colorado
Zipcode 81141
County United States

Tracking # EG 142217037