Sara Lonan


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from: Sara Lonan <>
date: Nov 5, 2019,
subject: Dear friend

Dear friend

I am Sara from Syria, residing in Turkey, the girl you intended to help on a fund transfer of her late father, I was surprised that you stopped communicating with me, I really can not understand the reason for it, but I am very much happy now to inform you about my success in getting the fund transferred under the help of a director in Unity Capital Bank of Africa Senegal and also with the special help of a U.S businessman who dealt with logistics and also stand out as legal beneficiaries of the funds.

I left the sum of $ 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars) on a cash withdrawal ATM master Card for you and it's meant for your compensation for the little effort you rendered to me. The ATM card is a comprehensive payment card that is acceptable, workable and usable worldwide to make daily cash withdrawals from any ATM location in any country.

The money is for your past sincere effort to help me, I would have send the ATM card to your address before living but I don`t want my husband which is my foreign partner to know about it, he is so jealous and could accuse me of infidelity because i told him that i have no man in my life. All transactions has been done, i am living to U.S with my husband tomorrow`s night.

I have giving instruction to the accountant of Unity Capital Bank for the posting of the ATM card to you, he is a good man that why i trusted him with the $150,000 and believe that he will post it to you per my instruction. I will be very busy when i arrive U.S because i am embarking on investment that will keep me busy, kindly contact Mr. Anex Dollo in order to post the ATM card to you, i have left instructions to him, i don`t forget good people, though we never succeed together but i will never forget your effort trying to help me.

Feel free to send email to Mr. Anex Dollo and also call him on phone if possible, ask him to post the ATM card to your name and address, it is wold wide Master Card that you can use to make withdrawal from any ATM machine.

Below is the email and phone number of Mr. Anex Dollo, i have instructed him, he will post it without delay. just get in touch with him!

Telephone number: + 221-783-866-189
E-mail: (
Thank you and God bless you