Sarah Heart, South Sudan


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From: Sarah Heart <>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2018
Subject: hi

How are you doing?
I loved your profile and I would like to get to know you better, what do
you think? ;)
Write me on my home e-mail address : ( )
so it will be comfortable for me to write you and send many photos.
I will be waiting for your answer

Refugee with photos:

From: sarah heart
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2018
Subject: Re: hi

Hello Dear
Firstly,Thanks for mail. please accept my apology for sending you this sensitive information via mail without meeting you in person,this is due to the urgency and importance of this matter. I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself to you. my name is Miss Sarah i am 24 years old from south Sudan, my father was a politician he was killed by gunmen because of the political crisis in my country South Sudan. The main reason i am contacting you is to seek your assistance in the area of my future investment, for my Late father deposited the sum of Two Million Five Hundred Thousand dollars with my name as the beneficiary in bank. I want to invest this money in your country and continue my education there. i am open minded person and easy going girl, confident,hard working,caring. i am presently in Saint-Louis Dakar Senegal. I kept this as a secret from people,i will like you to keep it to yourself.

I will make the procedure to this transaction to be well know to you and i will give you the contact of the Bank and the deposit information and details so that you will contact them for more verification. I will like you to tell me your intention towards helping me out because like i said i have a lot to tell you.
i am happy to know you
Have a nice day
Yours Sarah


Staff member
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From: sarah heart <>
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2018
Subject: Compensation

Hello Dear
I hope my email find you well,it has been some long time since we last communicated with each other. but i have been praying and asking the almighty God to keep my life so that one day i will be able to meet with you. you have shown me care and concern during when i was in need of your assistance. although i was unable to realize the transaction with you based on the developments then,but i thank the mighty God that all is well now. i am happy to let you know that the bank has release my money to me through the assistance of Mr.Dennis Bergkamp from Amsterdam Holland,he is a good man who is now my co-investor and my husband. i am in Amsterdam now i sent to you draft cheque of $100,000.00 to you and some other families who assisted me very much when i was in terrible situation in Senegal. I have instructed Reverend Father Kasibante Wamala to give the cheque to you. contact him with his address below i feel this is the only way i could say thank you.

Reverend Father Kasibante Wamala
Address: Rue 22/25 Rue Joseph Grand Dakar
Dakar Senegal.

Have a nice day
Yours Sarah