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Hi everyone,

I am from Malaysia and I wish to report another scam by this person name Sarah Smith. I googled her name and found this forum.

Coming from a third world, our local police will not act on this scam that I encountered just recently.

I hope by exposing another trick of 'hers' will alert the rest of the world. All these scammers really disgusted me. :mad:

I recently posted on a local free sale site selling my second hand CIMA exam text books. As my email and mobile are listed on the sale site, that's how 'she' approached me.

At first, I didn't suspect anything, but when the second email came, I noticed 1 huge mistake - She claimed that she is from Scotland and are planning to buy my text books for her kid at Nigeria - CIMA exam is from England, so buying locally is definitely cheaper than incurring postage rates, etc.

Here are the details:
1st Contact
From: sarah <>
Subject: Reply: CIMA Paper E1 Enterprise Operations Exam Kit
Date: Tuesday, August 31, 2010, 3:02 PM

Hello seller,
I am Sarah Smith, I will like to buy your item,
Is it still available? I wait your reply.

2nd Contact
From: Sarah Smith <>
Subject: Re: 08 - Re: Reply: CIMA Paper E1 Enterprise Operations Exam Kit
Date: Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 11:51 AM

Hello seller,
Thanks for the mail, I'm from Scotland But i want to Buy it for my kid in Nigeria i will pay for the shipping charges,You will ship the item via EMS Speed post Office and i will pay through Bank to Bank Transfer,so get back to me with the below information

Name of Account Holder :
Name of Bank:
Account Number:
Email Address :
Your contact Number:

This is the shipping information
Name- Emmanuel Omofuma
Address- 43 Trans Road,U.I
City- IBadan
State- OYO
Country- Nigeria
Zip Code- 20001
Phone no-2348074369653

I awaits your reply



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@ RickOoi

Good that you searched. If everyone did, maybe no one would lose any money.

and...police in Malaysia are actually taking this kind of fraud more seriously but if the criminal is not in Malaysia there really isn't anything they can do about it.


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Hi Everyone,

After I reported this 'Sarah Smith' scam here. 'She' disappeared, and has not contacted me since.

I believe these are well organized and IT-savvy con organisation. I hope by reporting this fraud, it will make the internet a safer place for all.

Thank you.