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I've been looking for legit paper mills in Thailand to trade with. Would you consider this offer a scam? Also if anyone has any leads to a genuine paper mill that makes either Canon or Double A, please let me know.

Dear Client,
Thank you very much for your inquiry to purchase office copy papers from our esteemed company. This email is the full quotation offer of our products. You shall see information about the products specification, CIF/FOB prices, payment terms, photos of product, catalog and order procedure.

We advise all clients to read this e-mail properly before you respond to this full quotation email. We attend to a lot of customers so in order to save time clients have to avoid asking for information that has already been provided in this first e-mail for example, any client who reads this email and in your next e-mail you ask us for information that has already been provided such as specification, payment terms or prices, then we might see you as a non-serious client because you are asking for information that we have already provided to you. So clients please try and make sure you read all the information in this full quotation email before you respond so that we can avoid wasting both your time and our own time. We know that is email is lengthy but it contains a lot of information that you need about our products and services so you must read it properly before responding. If there is any further information you need which you did not find in this email do not hesitate to contact us and our marketing team will provide you a swift and urgent response.

Thank you very much for your inquiry to purchase office papers from our company.
SK Thailand is a professional manufacturer and exporter of many kinds of office papers from Thailand. Founded in the 21st century, as a modern enterprise, SK Thailand is specialized in the manufacturing of 100% wood pulp high quality office papers and exporting all kinds of office copy and printing paper and related office paper products including offset paper, cash register, glossy paper, ATM paper, grey back board paper and so on.
We enjoy great success in the production and exportation of office paper supplies because after more than twenty years of market tempered, resource integration, standardized operation, brand management, we have become a well-known enterprise group in South East Asia, which has integrated comprehensive functioning with R&D, production and trading of both paper & paper pulp. SK follows the national industry development strategy, sticks to the concept of environment protection, adheres to traditional civilization, integrates the resources of domestic and international market, efficiently manages the markets and customers, and try to supply the one-stop service for both pulp & paper in the global field of manufacturing, trading, and service.
To meet customers' other demand and requirement, we also supply glossy/art paper, duplex boards, offset paper and many other types of office specialized papers. Different weights and quality are available according to the customers' choice. Here we have a warehouse to store, cut and pack according to our customers' requests. The quality of our paper product is very stable, reliable and we also can guarantee accuracy and fast delivery time.

1) Product Technical Description & Specification:
-Sizes: A4: (210 x 297mm) A3: (420x 297mm), Letter Size: 8.5 x 11-inch (216 x 279mm), Legal Size: 8.5 x 14-inch (216 x 330mm).
-Quality: Imported 100% Natural Wood Pulp
-Moisture: 5%
-Opacity: 95%
-Brightness = 102-104% and above, Grade A Quality (Best Quality)
-Capability: High Speed Copying100ppm, Laser
-Capable,Inkjet Capable, Fax Capable.
-Thickness: 103-110 um
-Surface roughness TS ml/min: 75-175
-Surface roughness BS ml/min: 100-200
-Bending stiffness MD: >110 Mn
-Bending stiffness CD: >50 Mn
-CIE whiteness: 160-167
-Cobb Test: 27-33 g/m2 27-33
-Two-sided usage gives the paper sheet high opacity.
-Smooth paper surface makes sharp printing and copying.
-Moist protected wrapper
Key Performance:
-No jam in photocopy machine
-No double feed
-Stay flat after copying
-Leave no dust in the copy-machine
-Nice appearance-white and clean
-Nice touch-smooth and bulky
-No see through-print both sides
-Been developed for : Photocopy Macchines, Laser Printers, Ink-jet Printers, Fax Machines

2) Packing Details:
500 Sheets per Ream
5 Reams per Box OR 10 Reams per Box
- 1560 Boxes per 20ft container (With Pallets)/7800 Reams Total in 1*20FCL (With Pallets)
- 1600 Boxes Per 20ft container (Without Pallet)/8000 Reams Total in 1*20FCL (Without Pallet)
- 2080 Boxes per 40ft container (With Pallets)/10,400 Reams Total in 1*40FCL (With Pallets)
- 2160 Boxes Per 40ft container (Without Pallet)/10,800 Reams Total in 1*40FCL (Without Pallet)

The following prices are promotion prices and this promotion will last for a few months, so we advise clients to make their purchases or confirm their orders as early as possible because the world market prices of copy paper might increase in the recent future. Do not lose out of this opportunity.

A4: (210 x 297mm)
80gsm = 0.55USD/ream
75gsm = 0.53USD/ream
70gsm = 0.51USD/ream
Letter Size: 8.5 x 11-inches (216 x 279mm)
80gsm = 0.55USD/ream
75gsm = 0.53USD/ream
70gsm = 0.51USD/ream
Legal Size: 8.5 x 14-inches (216 x 330mm)
80gsm = 0.65USD/ream
75gsm = 0.63USD/ream
70gsm = 0.61USD/ream
A3: (420x 297mm)
80gsm = 1.2USD/ream
75gsm = 1.18USD/ream
70gsm = 1.16USD/ream
A4: (210 x 297mm)
80gsm = 0.53USD/ream
75gsm = 0.51USD/ream
70gsm = 0.49USD/ream
Letter Size: 8.5 x 11-inches (216 x 279mm)
80gsm = 0.53USD/ream
75gsm = 0.51USD/ream
70gsm = 0.49USD/ream
Legal Size: 8.5 x 14-inches (216 x 330mm)
80gsm = 0.63USD/ream
75gsm = 0.61USD/ream
70gsm = 0.59USD/ream
A3: (420x 297mm)
80gsm = 1.18USD/ream
75gsm = 1.16USD/ream
70gsm = 1.14USD/ream

We shall offer special price discounts only for clients who purchase above 1/20ft container.
1*20ft Containers - 0.55usd/ream CIF
2*20ft Containers - 0.53usd/ream CIF
3*20ft Containers - 0.51usd/ream CIF
4*20ft Containers - 0.49usd/ream CIF
5*20ft Containers - 0.45usd/ream CIF
6*20ft Containers - 0.43usd/ream CIF
7*20ft Containers - 0.41usd/ream CIF
8*20ft Containers - 0.39usd/ream CIF
9*20ft Containers - 0.37usd/ream CIF
10*20ft Containers - 0.33usd/ream CIF
Above 10*20ft Containers, contact us for price negotiation.

- 30% TT within 7 days against Sales Contract and Proforma invoice to facilitate Freight charges, Inspection, Vat/Customs, Insurance and in-land transportation cost of goods to seaport.
- 30%TT within 3 days against Forwarding B/L and shipment tracking number. (Prove of Dispatch)
- 40%TT within 7 days after buyer receives complete shipping documents and confirms the arrival of goods at delivery port.

- Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 20Tons/1*20ft container
- Port of Loading: Bangkok
- Origin: Thailand
- Inspection: Quality and Quantity inspections shall be carried out by SGS at seller's expense.
- Production Capacity: 5000 Tons/Month
- Delivery Period: Asia - 21 working days, Europe - 14 working days, America - 21 working days, Africa - 21 working days

- One original copy of commercial invoice.
- Three original copies of clean "ON BOARD" Bill of Lading identifying vessels containers into which the goods has been loaded.
- Three original copies of certificate of shipped weights ascertained at port of Loading and issued by SGS.
- Packing list
- Certificate of Origin
- Three original copies of certificate of quality and quantity issued by SGS at loading port.
- Insurance cover (If applicable)
- FORM A, Form D or ASEAN Certificate (If applicable for EU or ASEAN Countries)

-Seller issues Full Quotation Offer to Buyer
-Buyer confirms quotation details and provides the following information for the issue of proforma invoice.
1) Name and full address of buyer
2) Destination port
3) Total quantity required.
-Seller receives the above information and issues Proforma Invoice to Buyer.
-Buyer receives Proforma Invoice and remits 30%TT of the total invoice value to seller.
-Seller confirms payment and issues Forwarding B/L and Tracking Number of Shipment to Buyer.
-Buyer receives B/L with Tracking Number and remits 30%TT against B/L and Tracking number.
-Seller confirms payment and forwards complete hard copies of shipping documents to buyers address by courier.
-Buyer shall pay balance 40%TT after receiving the goods at port of discharge.

If you are ready to make order, please confirm the following information below:
Company Name .............
Company Address...........
Company Phone #..............
Port of delivery................
Quantity of Order.............................
When we receive this information, we shall issue to you a sales contract for you to sign and return and later we shall issue to you a proforma invoice and guarantee your goods.
When you receive the proforma invoice you shall make payment of 30% TT of the total invoice value so that that we can begin to process the loading of your shipment.
When we settle the freight charges of your shipment and the shipment is confirm for delivery, we shall issue to you a copy of the B/L which also includes the tracking number of your shipment.
At this stage, you shall remit 30% TT of the total invoice value into our company’s account details as instructed in the proforma invoice.
As soon as we confirm payment of 30% TT, we shall forward to you the hard copies of all the complete shipping documents to your address by courier.
You shall pay the balance 40% after you receive the complete shipping documents and also confirm the arrival of your shipment at your port of destination.

For more details, visit our website:
For more information about our products and brands, please visit our product page:

We shall be waiting for your feedback.
Best regards.
Mr. Sarawut Nattapong
Sales and Export Manager


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We also need to see email headers too so we can see where the email actually sent from.

Jurahmae Terrado

@Boba Tea I wonder if you continue doing business with the company who sent you the email because I just received the same as well. Are they legit?


If you ever get an offer below 1.4 usd per ream that is SCAM dont even think twice

Ayman Jamil Baghdi

Dear Mr . Sarawut
we still waiting your replay . By e-mail Or WhatsApp .

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@ Ayman, this is a scam. Sarawut probably does not exist so there's no need to waste time on this. It is not a real business offer.

Ayman jamil Baghdi

We confirm an order and sent the transfer . And now we don't have any replay