Savanna Delivery Service

If you have any dealings with someone who wants to send a parcel and mentions or suggests this website, you are dealing with a parcel delivery scam This link returns to our page
Do not enter information to this page Again I have diverted the live link to our page here for your protection.
Why are we sending you this warning? We have tried to get this website shut down but so far it remains active.
I submit it here because the search engines will pick it up as being a fraudulent website.
We try, we do ouir level best, but we cannot guarantee success
Scam info..
In this case it is using the identity of Douglas Malcolm Fraser a retired United States Air Force general but it could use any fake profile to deliver the same scam attempts.
Note the awful spelling on the fake form


Marian uitdehaag

Ik werd ook benadert door ene generaal Michael richard. Of ik geld over wil maken voor een pakket en kreeg dezelfde nep airmail bill#4ykz

Leída Ruano

Hi my name it leida, I have a one box in there from many months I wanna not how much to need to pay Now for you sending to me, thank you


Staff member
@ Leida, there is no box for you. This is not a real company. It is a website run by criminals to steal your money.