Scam Alert: Canada Law Society


If you have been cheated by a lawyer in Canada, call the cops and/or prosecutor's office - not the Law Society of Canada. This is the advice of both the Toronto Star invesyigative team and McCleans which shows that the Law Society of Canada has repeatedly concealed the crimes of it's members which collectively pay more than $6 million a year in "membership fees" Victims f dishonest lawyers call this "protection money" as they claim the lawyers are using the Law Society to keep the crooks out of jail for frauds, extortions, and even rapes of their clients. Here are the horror stories that you can read for yourself.

The mst outrageous case involves a lawyer who himself was arrested for child abuse and is/was a government informant for years, and was caught red-handed trying the sell the confidential legal files of his client to third parties for $50,000. Read this actual law society complaint and all 27 exhibits attached and then ask yourself, how could they have the nerve to cover-up for this shady lawyer 3 times?